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Alterra (Science Fantasy)

In the Lyrae Galaxy, there have been many conflicts since the inhabitants reached the stars. Having 22 species vying for control will do that to any place. However, many have tried to ignore the past, to find new places to explore and exploit the vast unknown regions of the galaxy. Whether it is the Expanse or the dangerous unknown regions, there will always be a place to plant a new flag.

Sometimes, the past can't be ignored though. There have been tensions between the Faterra sector and the Aslandail sector. It all stems back to the 1st Galactic War, a devastating event that resulted in the death of billions, possibly even trillions. Politicians have been trying to keep the peace but common folk refuse to let grievances go that easily. Even some corporations who profited during the war want to go back to that time or one similar to make a quick buck. Can the galaxy hold onto this fragile peace or will it once again fall into a cycle of war?

And in the middle of all of this is the Unknown Regions. A sector of the galaxy that is a death wish to enter. The Dragar, Phixar, and Levati are from this region yet they show no desire to go back. Cosmic and magical events that shouldn't be frequent or sometimes possible. Which raises the ultimate question: What happened in the unknown regions that caused all these events? And could it spread to the rest of Lyrae? The only way to find out is to go into the center of the vortex and find out the truth.

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