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Scepter of Spiders

"A Drider?"
I could hear the acolyte's voice trembling. She tried to keep herself in one piece, but her ruby-red eyes were wide in fear. It amused me, but in that slightly bittersweet way, the way that reminds you you were just like her, once, decades ago. My lips curved into a small smile which had even the tiniest bit of sour gentleness in them.
"Yes. A gift, or punishment, given to those the Spider Queen seems worthy."
I answer, with a small, annoyed sigh, to remind the acolyte of the stupidity of her question. She seems to get the hint and quickly shuts her mouth and lowers her eyes.
"Only Lolth knows how the criteria is met. May She be forever praised."
"Forever praised She is."
The acolyte echoed, but I can see her shaking like a leaf. An excellent drider-to-be, I note to myself. We'll see if the Goddess thinks so too...

Manufacturing process

No one knows how these scepters are made, as they are given to the favored priestesses of Lolth by the Spider Queen herself.


The Scepter of Spiders is both an important tool in a very important magical transformation ritual, but it also signifies that the one who wields the specter is in favor of The Spider Queen, and thus it works as a very strong signal from the Goddess herself to her subjects.
The Scepter of Spiders is a very rare item, but not unique; there has been mentions of several ones, only granted to the most powerful priestesses of The Spider Queen, so they can perform the ritual of turning someone into a drider, a horrible spiderlike monster.
Raw materials & Components
It seems to be of a black, greenish metal, perhaps adamantine, and gold. There are black gems inlaid in the  handle of the scepter and spider motifs made of silver.

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1 Aug, 2022 13:20

I like the conversation you include in the beginning. It really draws the reader into knowing more about the artifact. The scepter gives me some dark magical girl vibes, which I love.

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5 Aug, 2022 00:05

The initial excerpt sets the tone for this flavor of Drow in a delightfully dark manner.