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The Hall of Souls

The Hall of Souls is the personal dimension of The Pillar of Death. It is an archive located within the Soul Plane, where souls are organized and managed by Toř'Anwe. The Souls are represented by statuettes that grow and change as the individuals grow and change through their life and death. They are black during life but turn ashen and ethereal once the individual dies. The Statuettes are set on shelves that spiral up, with the youngest at the bottom and the oldest on top; however, Toř'Anwe can manage and reorganise the towers to show what he wishes.


The dimension is that of silver halls and black floors where massive towers of shelves hold the statuettes representing the souls of all.
Dimensional plane
Location under
Soul Plane
Included Organizations
Owning Organization
The Pillar of Death
Characters in Location

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