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Between and Beyond the Stars

When looking at Astrology within Altûŕ there are three things to consider, celestial bodies like planets and moons, stars, and space. While each can vary depending on the realm or plane which they inhabit, they are at a base level still the same. Since planets and moons are ultimately considered worlds, they will be defined in that section of the Cosmology.  


  Stars are focal points of immense magical energy or a point of accumulated Cosmic Blood. Although the magical energy is constantly fluctuating, stars remain fairly stable and can be hard to tamper with. Since stars are an accumulation of Cosmic Blood, they are also doorways to the veins of Cosmic Blood that travel throughout the universe. This means that they are not spheres, they are actually holes; however, they appear to be spheres since they're holes in a 3-dimensional space. Due to the nature of stars, they are also used as gateways for powerful beings such as the Theoi to communicate through, which results in them being worshipped or used as symbols of communion by lesser beings or cultures. Other celestial entities attributed to stars can be easily explained. Shooting stars are simply powerful magic travelling through space, they could be cast by a powerful being such as a Theoi, or be a natural phenomenon. Nebulas are a scattering of these energies, while they can be more powerful than stars, they lack the unified form. Black holes are immensely powerful stars. Constellations, however, represent the Celestials and will be talked about more within that section under Inhabitants.  


  Space is a remnant of the nothingness before the rupture of the Primordial Cage. While space is by no means empty, since it is filled with tiny fragments of matter and the coursing Cosmic Blood, it is the most sparsely populated cosmological zone. Space also acts as a natural barrier between worlds, along with the fabric of reality, without space all worlds or matter based cosmic bodies would come together forming a chaotic mass, a gigantic melding of worlds.

Metaphysical, Astral

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