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The Actinoptegal are a race of Abgal that share characteristics with ray-finned fishes and inhabit all parts of the ocean. They are by the far the most numerous of the Abgal, overshadowing even the common Anguilligal.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

They are anthropomorphic, with two arms, two legs and an endoskeleton. They appear to have slightly hunched forms due to deep spines and dorsal fins. They have wide hips allowing room for their thick tails to tuck between their legs, allowing for more effective and comfortable swimming. Their tails end in a caudal fin and they have smaller fins along their arms and legs to aid in mobility under water. Their hands and feet are webbed and they only have three toes and fingers.

Biological Traits

Males or often larger and stronger than females; however, females are more flexible and have stronger immune systems since they bear children.

Genetics and Reproduction

They mate through external semination, with females laying eggs that develop for 8 months before hatching.

Growth Rate & Stages

They reach adolescence within 8 to 10 years and adulthood in 16 to 18.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They are omnivores.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Their heads are roughly human-shaped; however, their heads protrude more, with their head base being more to the back of their skulls. Their eyes are small and on the corners of their heads, their mouths stretch out to meet their eyes in width and their noses are small and centred. However, their features can vary greatly, following the appearances of ray-finned fish species.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their base senses are superior to that of other races, especially underwater.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They generally adopt the naming conventions of other Abgal cultures.

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Like most of the Abgal, the Actinoptegal don't have a fixed home or united region in which they predominantly reside; however, they do inhabit nearly every part of the oceans.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They are the most numerous of the Abgal making them familiar to most races, especially those who live in regions with coastlines. Their familiarity means there is little distrust towards them.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
They can vary greatly between 4'0" and 7'0"
Average Weight
Their weight varies as much as their height.
Average Length
Their length is about 20% more than their standing height.
Average Physique
They don't have significant fat deposits or overly prominent muscle mass, giving them smooth physiques. However, most are fit and strong.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Body tint and colour can vary greatly, some even have spots or stripes.

Racial Group


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