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High Paladin Oliver

High Paladin Oliver Lilah - Wilson, I (a.k.a. Ollie) (They/Them)

Oliver is a 5'9" non-binary person who currently holds the position of High Paladin of the Knights of Infinity.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

They have an average build but still quite fit and agile.

Identifying Characteristics

Oliver normally wears goggles or wears her hair in a bun.

Apparel & Accessories

Outside of war, High Paladin Oliver wears a fluffy coat with a sweater underneath. They wear boots and cargo pants that reach down to the boots before being curled immediately before contact with the boots. They also usually have a side arm holstered at their hip.

Specialized Equipment

The High Paladin carries a modified 10mm pistol and a 5cm Light Plasma Rifle.

Mental characteristics


Going to school at the University of Infinitus and earning top marks, Oliver then went to work at a military outpost on the nearby island she learned battle strategy. Upon returning home their father High Paladin Kalin Wilson taught them how to be a good diplomat in the event the Knights escape the small archipelago they're trapped on.


Oliver currently holds the title of High Paladin. This is the highest rank in the Knights of Infinity. She leads the Elite Council and holds command over the Army of Achilles, a small group of elite hand picked soldiers equipped with the Achilles Powered Armor.

Accomplishments & Achievements

From 20 to 22 years old, Oliver commanded the forces of the Knights to victory in the Great Hacked War. This won them military outposts all throughout mainland Alphbetia. They were also the first High Paladin to make smoking and prostitution illegal. They also developed a program that brought unemployment rates in the Knights from 53% to 8%.

Failures & Embarrassments

They were known for the brutal bombings of Zelldia and was also the first High Paladin to use an artifact known as The Atom, which ended the lives of 500,000 civilian and military alike..

Intellectual Characteristics

They is one of the greatest militaristic minds in the Knights and even kept the Kingdom of Quearren to not start another war through sheer diplomatic prowess learned from their father.

Morality & Philosophy

Their philosophy is that violence can be ended between nations, only when peace is properly maintained. While they did order a bombing of Zelldia, they were told that Hacker had the city evacuated a day earlier.


That any mention of The Overlord be in vain, that the Great Hacked War is to be seen positively, and that people should never be judged by personal preference in things that don't involve other people in harmful ways.

Personality Characteristics


To become the greatest High Paladin in the history of the Knights is Olivers number one goal. They will stop at nothing to be remembered as a fair and just leader.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

They learned the art of diplomacy from their late father and battle tactics from their time at the Athens Military Base on the island of Kore.

Likes & Dislikes

Oliver enjoys watching the sunset from the balcony of KAS Zeus and hanging out with her best friend. They despise disrespect of those who deserve it and people who believe their entitled to what they aren't. They also dislike the act of imperialism and the destruction of the natural world for selfish needs.

Virtues & Personality perks

Their soldiers determined when faced against uncertain or bad odds, heroic to those who need it, and inspirational in their own weird way.

Vices & Personality flaws

They have a really bad temper and are known for great amounts of wrath when someone pushes them too far. They get angry really quick when you turn your back on those who need it and disrespect those who earned it. When they become angry, they were reported almost blowing the head off the person causing the anger.


They are a strong advocate for personal hygiene. They are known for publicly mocking a high ranking official for not taking care of their own hygiene, even before becoming High Paladin.



The most memorable moments of their reign are seen during the time after the Knights entered the Great Hacked War.

Social Aptitude

While the High Paladin is very charismatic


High Himmelsflieger Lae

Best Friend and Secret Crush (Vital)

Towards High Paladin Oliver



High Paladin Oliver

Best Friend (Important)

Towards High Himmelsflieger Lae




They were best friends as kids. As they got older, Oliver felt like she would have no better friend in the world. While Lae had developed feeling for Oliver over the years.

Nicknames & Petnames

Oliver calles Lae "L" and Lae calls Oliver "Oli."

Wealth & Financial state

They are a high ranking person and were before becoming High Paladin as their great great grandfather was Hector Wilson, who was the first High Paladin and founder of the Knights of Infinity. She is the sole inheritor to the Wilson family inheritance which is currently the largest collection of money in the western part of the world.
Current Status
High Paladin
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
High Paladin is held by the leader of the Knights of Infinity. Wilson is the family name of Hector Wilson, who founded the Knights and was the first High Paladin.
Date of Birth
25 of Octvember
Year of Birth
538 E.E. -45 Years old
Infinitus Island
Current Residence
Wilson Estate
Presented Sex
While not possessing gender herself, Oliver finds that she finds girls attractive. She also has a small suspicion that a member of the Elite Council wants to be in a legitimate relationship with her.
Gender Identity
Oliver is and presents themselves as a non-binary person.
Amber, medium. oval, wide
Long, blonde, sleek
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
152 LB
Quotes & Catchphrases
"In order to kill the beast, we must become the HUNTER." Addressing the recently started Great Hacked War.
The Overlord
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
A manly man with plot armor.

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