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They look almost like a human, but they can have different traits, sometimes they have tail, claws, long and hairy ears, sometimes they only have marks in their faces. Those who have the most primitive traits of their race are considered the luckiest ones because they can use basic instincts along with their powers to take advantage of the situation that they are facing at the moment.


Coming of Age Rites

Love is the most important thing for Terrians, the children are qualified as independents by their own parents when they fall in love, and they feel the love and security that their child will have a partner for life, parents leave their physical bodies after that.


Beauty Ideals

They are mostly racist because they look more for people that doesn't have physical traits that are unappealing or weird, this indicates that they find Civians and Crepeals not attractive at all.

Relationship Ideals

The most lovely and loyal partner is crucial for a relationship to Terrians, specially because this love need to be so pure that parents could make their depart quietly

Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
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