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Chapter 1 - Avoid the mouth of invisible monsters

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As a human in the 22'nd century, knowing how to survive isn't as easy as, eat, sleep, breathe and so on. Many dangers await our small human brains and hearts - dangers we aren't designed to handle. Ah, but no worries! If you want to know how to survive, you've come to the right place!   I have some golden nuggets that will make your life better, and make you sleep tight at night. So let us start with the basics:    

How to know you are in a gravity well of a giant monster (black hole)

  • You're moving in a different direction than you programmed your ship to
  • Stars are being elongated
  • Time slows down
  • You get tired
  • You feel dizzy
  • Maybe take a nap, that should help
  • It gets darker now
  • Your eyes get heavy
  • Oh man, that floor looks cosey
  • ZZzzzzZzz
  • You cease to exist
by CatRobi
    Yeah, so try to avoid black holes, they aren't your friends. And don't try to befriend them.   But these monster not only exist out in the vastness of space, and in the middle of our galaxy, oh no, then you would be mistaken! These silent eaters travel at times. Of course, they do! They want to see the universe and go on adventures as much as you do! Now, when they go on these so-called adventures they tend to ignore pretty much everything and everyone around them, it's only "Me, me, me." That makes them really dangerous as they make no noise at all, and you will never see them coming. One day you may be living your best life on Earth or Domus, and then suddenly BAM, you cease to exist.   I know, not nice. So watch out - well yeah, it's just a saying, because you can't exactly see them coming.   Then, how do you NOT die - you may ask. Ah yes, I'll get to that right away. We have warning systems on the closest 3 planets to Earth, and on Domus, that constantly keeps an eye on the sky, and the streams of those can be obtained by everyone in the population. This initiative was implemented when we observed a 'rouge black hole' in a nearby solar system. And yes, they really are called that, look it up if you want to feel small and vulnerable.    

Black Hole is coming! What do?!

  Run. Just fucking run for god's sake!!!! Oh... You weren't fast enough. Well, it is kinda impossible to outrun a dormant 'rouge black hole', because usually when you see it, it's too late for that. It might benefit you more to not worry too much about it, it might never ever happen in your lifetime or in your great-great-great... grandchildren (you get it.)

So what are the chances?

  Huh, maybe this should've been in the beginning, because guess what? I have good news! The chances of a black hole suddenly swallowing you, the planet you're on, and your hole life is extremely slim. We're talking 1 in a quadrillion chance.


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