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One of Alore's supernatural ability systems, known as Yearn, is only available to certain individuals born with its associated resource: Yearous, or more commonly shorthanded to Aura. Aura is a pool of supernatural energy which exists in roughly forty-four percent of the population worldwide. Unlike Maijure, which has common uses from person to person, the manifestation that Yearn takes is unique to every individual. For instance, one aura user could fire blasts of energy halfway across the world and vaporize skyscrapers, while another could have the ability see every spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, while still another could have the ability rapidly self-heal from any and all wounds. Although Yearn abilities are far more inherently powerful then that of Maijure, their lack of flexibility when compared to Maijure can lead to the downfall of the user if they aren't careful with their abilities.   Each Yearn ability is unique from individual to individual, so specific classifications cannot be applied to Yearn as a whole like it can to Maijure. As a result, each new ability that manifests is instead documented as-is in respective documentation of that individual, with all observed effects therein.   Additionally, as with all other supernatural abilities in Alore, Yearn can be trained and improved, revealing alternate forms one's ability could take, and drastically increasing its power beyond what has been recorded of Maijure.


The manifestations of Yearn are far and away too numerous and unique to describe, as one could be an ability that lowers or raises the temperature in a wide radius, and another could reshape atoms of a material into something completely different.


Yearn effects the entire world's inhabitants, and unlike Maijure - which is outlawed in Tyrralore - the use of Yearn is not strictly prohibited by any nation or country.

Metaphysical, Supernatural


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