Written by Regulus_Vaikyn

One of Alore's. supernatural ability systems, known as Psi-rigelle, is nearly nonexistent, with only three recorded individuals ever possessing abilities of this type. From what can be gleaned from illegally and inhumanely conducted research, Psi-rigelle is both similar and unlike either Maijure or Yearn. For similarities, Psi-rigelle seems to grant a number of basic abilities, such as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and fast healing similarly to the schools of Maijure, but also seems to grant a single unique power, similarly to Yearn, the three of which being influencing and controlling aspects of the mind, fabricating weaponized chains from thin air, and the ability to create psychic shockwaves over hundreds of miles of distance. These are the only recorded examples of this ability type currently throughout the world, which is not to say that more do not exist, only that such existence is extremely rare. Additionally, those recorded instances are to be treated with extreme caution due to the relatively unknown nature of said abilities.


Author's Notes

As with every writing endeavor, I would deeply appreciate constructive feedback, be it in the form of grammar corrections, naming ideas (which I have the most trouble with), or general questions or feedback about the world or anything within it. I thank you for your dedication of time to reading this article.

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