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One of Alore's supernatural ability systems, known as Maijure, is only available to certain individuals born with its associated resource: Maijurous, or more commonly shorthanded to Mana. Mana is a pool of supernatural energy which exists in roughly forty-four percent of the population worldwide. Unlike Yearn, which is unique from person to person, Maijure has common uses between individuals. For instance, all magic users may be able to shoot fire from their hands, but only one or two aura users can be capable of a similar ability, although an aura based power is inherently far stronger than what can be done with magic.   Spells can be taught to any individual with the ability to cast them using Maijurous, and are broken down into separate classifications, or schools of magic, based on their primary function, and can be further broken down into sub-schools. The Detrum school possesses spells that can destroy, damage, or otherwise harm objects or creatures. The Clairum school possesses spells that can divine information, provide remote viewing, or otherwise gather information. The Illusum school possesses spells that can fool the mind, trick others into believing something is or isn't real, or otherwise make false the prospects of reality or real the prospects of falsity. The Fortum school possesses spells that ward, guard, or otherwise protect objects, places, people, creatures, or anything else through various means. The Transum school possesses spells that improve, impede, or otherwise change aspects of the natural world. The Conjum school possesses spells that call, summon, or otherwise create objects, creatures, or otherwise temporarily or permanently. The Halum school possesses spells that can heal, improve, or impede living creatures or destroy dead or undead creatures. And the Artum school possesses spells and techniques for enchanting objects or creatures, creating potions and elixirs of various effects, and the creation of magical constructs and items.   For those with access to Maijure, a few options provide themselves. Firstly, specializing in one school of magic, which provides immense power from that school but only spells provided by that school. Secondly, choose two or three schools, which can create a versatile skillset but limit the power of each respective spell. And thirdly, choose to learn of all eight schools, which gives the knowledge of all spells, but seriously hampers the effectiveness of all spells. It can be said that even if a student of Maijure chooses two, three, or however many schools that with enough time and practice, one can master all schools, bringing the power of each to equal that of a student that specializes in a single school. However, this process is unbelievably time-consuming, and has led to the deaths of many eager students overconfident in their abilities, but it can - and has - been done. The most notable example in history is of course the Great Hero Ysrai, founder of Ysrailore and the original eight schools of magic.   It should also be noted that demons and Doeveiga only seem capable of using Maijure, rather than any other form of supernatural ability. Additionally, should an unfortunate soul be turned into a Doeveiga after birth, whatever ability they originally possessed will be replaced with Maijure.


The manifestations of Maijure are far too numerous to count, and can vary from exploding fireballs, to healing devastating wounds and diseases, to summoning armies of empty armor to fight for you, to peering across the world at a specific location, and the creation of powerful magical artifacts and potions, nearly anything can be done with Maijure is someone is willing to research it.


Maijure effects the entire world's inhabitants, even those in Tyrralore where the use of magic is outlawed.

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