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Kavodi are the people that dwell in the Kavod Isles. Though they are primarily human, over the ages members of other races have washed up on the shores of the Isles and have been taken in. Most Kavodi have red hair with a few having blond or brown hair and all are naturally tan thanks to generations in the sun.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Male, female, and family names have Celtic and Norse influences.

Other names

After their first name goes their clan name. Often said or written like: Conal Asa of the Coral Clan. It is also worded like Conal Asa of the Coral. Every member of the Kovad is a member of one of the nine clans. The clans are: The Coral Clan The Storm Clan The Panther Clan The Stone Clan The Kelp Clan The Tree Clan The Tide Clan The Shark Clan The Shell Clan


Major language groups and dialects

The major languages are Kovadi and Common

Common Dress code

Other than covering up intimate body parts the Kavodi have no dress code. Many wear what they deem fit for the weather. This may include whale leather hand wraps, gorilla hide vests, whale leather foot straps, and arm coverings made from whale leather and bone. Whatever it is they wear it normally leaves plenty of skin exposed to help with the heat, utilizes whale leather for grip and traction and whale bone for protection. People who are fully clothed like the northerners are considered fools.

Art & Architecture

The Kavodi rely on large whale bones and wood in the construction of the buildings. This causes most of their buildings to have rounder appearances.

Coming of Age Rites

An important coming of age rite is the Leim Aor or in common The Jump of First. no Kavodi is considered an adult until they complete this ritual. The ritual is a small and intimate. They only people that attend are the initate’s parents, their clan chief and a high ranking member of the Whale Callers. They all meet at the Spirit’s Embrace, a tall cliff on the main island, where the chief will then paint the clan’s symbol on to the Initiate’s face while the Whale Callers prays to the spirits. The Initiate is then given a knife and must dive off the cliff into the water below and while submerged they must carve their name into a stone alter that depicts their clan symbol. They must not come up for air at any point. The symbols of the nine clans are large and noticeable so that it is easy for initiates to spot while underwater and the stone that the alter is made out of is intentionally a weaker kind so it is easier to chip. It is a blessing from the spirits to have a Whale come and watch over you during your ritual. Death or injury is a rare occurrence as the Spirit’s blessing protects them from the impact of the water. The cove that initiates dive into is said to be where Eadan and Eyvor first landed.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The dead are wrapped in cloth and weighed down with stones and dropped into the water between the islands for nature to reclaim.

Common Myths and Legends

Eadan and Eyvor

Eadan and Eyvor is the most important legend amongst then Kavodi. The tale talks about a group of humans who made primitive ships to try and escape the terrors that plagued the mortals back during the First War and the First Age. Unfortunately all their ships were destroyed in a storm. The great spirits took mercy upon the poor drowning souls and asked the whales for aid. The whales then raised the mortals out of the water and took them to the Kavod Isles where they would be safe from many of the terrors of the world. The two people to step foot on the isles were a man named Eadan and a woman named Eyvor. The two would become bonded and lead the people side by side until the day they died.  

Carmag the Storm Rider

A legend about the hero Carmag and his fight against legendary sea monsters in defense of the isle.

Historical figures

Carmag Torlif of The Walag Clan (now known as the Storm Clan)- Carmag was the founder of the Breachers and did lead the fight against many creatures in defense of the isle. The stories are often exaggerated a bit for children’s entertainment.   Eadan and Eyvor Halvard- founders of the Halvo Clan (now known as the Coral Clan). Eyvor was the first Whale Lord and her husband, Eadan, was the first Whale Caller.   Ros Valdis- the most infamous traitor of the Kavodi. He was disowned by his clan and banished to the south. Killed a whole herd of whales and pillaged a town. All for outsider gold.

Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken

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