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Alnun, the Fifth Age.

1280 AOH (4th age)

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It has been long since the people from the stars came to this land. They built cities and kingdoms full of great wonders and made the world shine from the void between stars. But as anything must come to an end, this age of light could not stand for eternity. The old kingdoms were whipped out in a day were a thousand suns shined on the horizon.   Centuries have passed ever since, and now a new world has been built on top of the ashes of the old one. The age of shadows was never remembered, the age of light was long forgotten, only the oldest of the tieren remember the times of hunger and the pillars of the new kingdoms stand on the foundations of the age of wars. Now a new age is coming. A new force has awakened. I see a change coming, and everything is going to be different. May it be for the good.

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