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Welcome to Almalath   Almalath is what many might consider a high fantasy world, but the term mid-fantasy could be more accurate. It has many fantastical races, dragons, many monsters, several gods, and various forms of magic. Everyone can learn magic, but not many have time to outside of a few small spells here and there. Some people are born Ley-Touched, imbued from birth with an innate talent for magic. There are also many people who have mundane professions. Characters can embark on epic adventures, but are just as likely to spend a relaxing evening at a very normal inn where nothing magical happens whatsoever. In short, it's a lot like the sorts of settings you'll find in D&D, with some key differences here and there. Almalath is full of huge cities and sprawling forests, vast oceans and great nations. Nature is just as present, if not more so, than civilization. There are plains and desserts, mountains and valleys, hills and canyons; you name it, Almalath likely has that and more. Some areas are particularly fantastical and teeming with all sorts of arcane energy, so innately magical that to look upon them is all but breathtaking. The land is largely unmarred by the races of the world, with few exceptions. Tainted magic can twist any landscape, and there are small areas across Almalath that have been scarred by it. Though these places are few and far between, they are immediately recognizable, and it is wise to not venture into one unknowingly. It is wiser still not to venture into one at all. The technology on Almalath is varied depending on the places you go. Tiny villages far away from civilization normally have wells or water pumps and outhouses, using hand-lit torches and candles for lighting and pit-fires for cooking and warmth. Smaller towns will have things like indoor plumbing and oil lamps, but will use fireplaces and wood burning stoves for cooking and heating. If you're lucky, you'll have hot and cold water from faucets, but the tanks for water must be maintained by the household. Larger cities have more options for magical technologies. Aside from indoor lamps that can magically dim and brighten and streetlamps that are enchanted to automatically light at dusk and snuff at daybreak, there are amenities like city-wide sewer systems and hot and cold water straight from the faucet that doesn't require maintenance by the household or building. Though such luxuries are far more common to nobility and royalty, some buildings are fitted with teleportation pads from one place to another, often within the same building, but sometimes much longer distances. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but paints an example of what to expect.   As far as the general look of things, think far more classic Fantasy than Steampunk. Human settlements, towns, and cities often look very Renaissance-esqe, Gothic-ish, or Medieval-y. Other areas may boast buildings that seem to defy physics with their architecture, with spires that reach to the clouds, or what seem at first glance to be sailing ships that have been enchanted for air travel. There are no firearms or steam-powered machines, but the world is teeming with magic, and those willing to learn any form of it unlock a vast realm of possibilities. The choices are yours, or, more specifically, your characters.

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