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Basic Information


Nadaari are taller than the average human, measuring from 7'5'' to 9' in height. They are fairly muscular and posess more physical strength than humans. They have humanoid features with usually elongated ears, eyes that lack any form of pupil and more beastial teeth, alongisde with thick, leathery skin. Their facial features in general vary heavily from individual to individual, but somewhat resemble a humanoid face.

Growth Rate & Stages

Their groth rate is greatly increased, their infant stage ends at about 4 months, they reach adulthood at 10 years. However, their overall lifespan has increased to 90 years minimum.

Ecology and Habitats

Their perfect habitat consists of a twilight filled wasteland with plenty of game to hunt, since they are mainly carnivores. The wastes of Cardas provide them with anything they need and more, however they stay clear from the more sunny coastal areas since they have a severe weakness to sunlight to the point that they constantly cover themselves in armor.

Dietary Needs and Habits

    • Wild game
    • tends to cannibalism
    • several kinds of fungi
  • fish
  • Additional Information

    Social Structure

    Clan life

    Facial characteristics

    elongated ears, eyes without pupils, leathery skin, contorted human facial features

    Geographic Origin and Distribution

    usually lives in Clans in the wastes of cardas, but stray and exiled Nadaari can be found all over Alldras, covered in heavy armor.

    Average Intelligence

    fairly perceptive and intelligent, however uneducated.

    Perception and Sensory Capabilities

    Their sense of smell and hearing have bean greatly enhanced due to her history of living underground, however their eyesight has worsened quite a bit.

    Civilization and Culture

    Major Organizations

    Every clan has a shaman, worshiping the "elder forces."


    The Nadaari were former humans, farmers that had been captured by Zharnâk, a rogue mage of Anadûls mage guild. He was obsessed with creating the next evolutionary stage of humans, intending to use a mix between alteration magic and alchemy to transform them, while he kept them locked up in a hollow mountain, the grey peak.   Exposing them to a constant aura of magics and the vapors of his concotions, they quickly evolved to their underground lives in the giant mountain, morphing into a race of strong humanoids atuned to the life underground. The mage had hoped to see the results of his work sooner, however he was unable to see the later generations of the new race of the Nadaari, since their life spans had been increased dramatically.   He was long dead as they finally were strong enough to breach the rusty Iron doors to their prison, just to realize that their skin started to brun and boil when exposed to sunlight. They kept to their underground home as their society shaped, up until the agressive destruction of nature under Nyr terraformed Alldras lands into the dimly lit wastes that they are today. Since then, they roam the lands of Cardas as part of their society.

    Scientific Name
    Homo Novus
    Derived from humans
    90 years
    Average Height
    7'5'' - 9'
    Average Weight
    300 lbs
    Average Physique
    strong built, surpasses the average human easily
    Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
    usually darker and grey skin tones with scars from various hunts etc.

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