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Orcish Races

Orcs are among the most widely misunderstood and feared races in Allarya. Many folk think of them as bestial, violent, and cruel, never to be trusted or allowed to make a foothold in your own lands. However, in many cases, these are actually misconceptions. While the orcish races have long been widespread across all of Allarya, it is widely believed their homelands are in the south-east of the continent of Dorida.

Kalgrun are the largest, strongest, and fiercest of the orcish races, arguably of all the Allaryan races. To the unfamiliar they are known as brutes and barbarians who will kill you as soon as look at you. However, in reality, Kalgrun are a race of warriors, guided by their own code of ethics and spiritual, shamanistic beliefs which seem strange to many more 'civilized' Allaryan cultures. They place a high significance on martial prowess and skill as the primary method of gaining fame and glory to themselves and their clans or tribes, which often results in them raided or fighting against others, whether they be other orcs or humans, elves, or dwarves. This is part of why they are seen as uncivilized, but those who get to know them learn that they are honorable and steadfast to friends, and as trustworthy as any of the other races can be. Unfortunately, their appearance does their bestial and crude reputation no favors: they have heavy chins and brows and flattened noses, as well as one to two pairs of longer, tusk-like teeth protruding from their bottom lips. While their ears are pointed, they are closer in shape to a human's than an elf's. They are also quite large, standing a full head taller than your typical human would, which broad and bulky, muscular builds. Their skin tones range in shades of brown between lighter and reddish and shades of gray between lighter and sooty. Rarely, their skin might be tinted in lighter shades of green. Their hair comes in blacks, browns, rarely reds or whites, and their eyes are usually dark, brown, shades of yellow and red, and rarely blue or gray. Their place of origin is the hot steppes of Tarogar.

Goblins are conversely the smallest and weakest of races, though they make up for their stature with wit and cleverness. They are reputed as greedy and deceitful by many - which is actually true in many cases - though many others might simply think of them as shrewd businessmen. They enjoy tinkering and making things almost as much as dwarves, and are fairly intelligent. Those who know goblins will learn that as long as they are savvy and attentive when it comes to coin and business, they have little to fear from Goblins save their biting sense of humor and crude manners. Like dwarves, they are short of stature, though they are typically slightly shorter and more slight or wiry in build. They are characterized by sharp noses and disproportionate ears which are slightly large than those of elves, as well as naturally sharp teeth and nails. Their skin is very green-tinted, and their hair is often black, brown, or red. Their eyes are yellow, orange, blue, or grey, rarely violet. Their place of origin is the isolated shores of Rosazi.

Snaka, also known as Dreks, are the orcs which give all their kin a reputation as murderers and feral beasts. Some consider them as barely sentient monsters which wander and attack in large groups, and are violent and destructive... and that sentiment is largely correct, unlike the rest of the orcish races. Snake can almost never cooperate or live amicably with other races, orcish or no. They prefer instead to kill, steal, torture, or enslave with abandon. While Snaka are rather cowardly when alone and too foolish to cause much harm, when they form packs they can prove a real danger to small isolated settlements or travelers. Thankfully, however, the threat is mostly limited to those instances. However, rarely, larger hordes can form when enough come to follow an individual who subjugates them by way of fear or might. These individuals might be particularly strong or clever Snaka or persons of other races, which is the extent of interaction Snaka will have with any civilized people. But for their stature, Snaka very closely resemble their large Kalgrun cousins in appearance. Aside from coloration, the main variance in appearance between the two is that Snaka are typically a head shorter than an average human, and more wiry. Their skin tends more to shades of grey than of brown, and their hair and eyes have dark, near-black coloration. It is assumed that they hail from the remarkably dangerous and untamed Ondavo Mountains.

Aside from Snaka, orcish races might be accepted in more free-thinking cities and cultures as long as they do not seek or get into trouble. Many who care to get to know them find them to to be friendly and amicable individuals in their own ways, albeit rough around the edges in terms of 'more civilized' cultures not their own. However, many suffer due to the orcish reputation, being outright banned or outlawed in many places or even hunted in others. Even where this is not the case, many people fear and hate their kind, resulting in pogroms or racial purges at times.

Unlike other races, orcish races vary in terms of both age and magical aptitude:
  • Kalgrun live about as long as humans, 60-80 years, 100 at most, and produce mages at a rate of about 0.5%.
  • Goblins live between 120 and 150 years, and produce mages at a rate of about 1%.
  • Snaka live only between 30 and 60 years, if they do not get killed before then. While some can possess magical talent, it is unknown exactly how often, as most do not learn of it or simply do not care to pursue it, and few are willing to teach those that do.

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