Ironlike Metals and Steels

One of the most notable occurences in Allaryan metallurgy are Ironlike Metals, studied most by the Jarnblot dwarves of the Argent Mountains. There is a classification of materials, which are called ironlike metals, which are similar in form and appearance to iron.

Ironlike Metals:
  • Iron - Regular elemental iron, unremarkable but vastly more plentiful than its brethren
  • Meteoric Iron - Whitish iron obtained from fallen meteorites. Acts as an Arcane Conductor
  • Stygian Iron - Blackish iron tempered/alloyed with Void Essence. Acts as an Arcane Resistor, negating or absorbing arcane energy
  • Blood Iron - Reddish iron refined from humanoid blood; when forged, it must be quenched in blood as well. Cuts and open wounds caused by blood iron cannot be healed magically, and heal naturally at a much slower rate

Steels are alloys of ironlike metals produced by smelting them with coal and a flux which removes impurities in the metal, such as limestone. Steels will retain the properties of the ironlike material used to make them. However, only one ironlike metal can be used for a steel; otherwise, the unique properties are muddled and lost. Additionally, some materials can be alloyed with the iron or used as flux which will give the resulting steel additional special properties.
  • Steel - Regular Steel Alloy, unremarkable except for any Ironlike properties
  • Mirrorsteel - Steel alloyed with chromium. The metal is more resistant to corrosion and is more durable.
  • Dragonsteel - Steel alloyed with a variety of elements [chromium, wolfram, dragonmetal, nickel, sulfur, etc] and forged in dragon fire. The metal is bright, naturally resistant to heat and corrosion, extremely durable, and magically conductive.
  • Glassteel - Iron smelted with coal and rimaz sand, from the heart of the Manat Desert, as flux. The resulting steel is semi-translucent and shatters easily (even by hand), but holds an edge very well.

The true beauty of ironlike metals is the sheer diversity of materials metallurgists can produce through different combinations of steelsmithing techniques and ironlike properties. Below are a few examples of what can be accomplished with this field of Allaryan metallurgy.
  • Meteoric Iron + Dragonsteel = An even more magically conductive form of Dragonsteel
  • Stygian Iron + Mirrorsteel = A magically resistant form of metal, in which chromium enhances both the resistivity and the durability
  • Blood Iron + Glassteel = A metal perfect for assassins, who can stab their targets with a dagger which will break off and shatter within the victim, and will prevent any sort of life-saving healing
  • Stygian Iron + Glasssteel = A metal perfect for combating magical enemies, which will break off inside the target and limit their magical abilities
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