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Allaryan Demographics

Allarya is home to a vast array of different races and peoples. Throughout history, despite rises and decreases in global and racial populations, the relative percentages of each racial group has remained roughly consistent. As of 2891 Doridan, in the Dawn Age, the estimated percentages of the six races are:
  • 40% Human
  • 20% Elven
  • 20% Dwarven
  • 15% Orcish
  • <5% Merran
  • <1% Naviran
These percentages vary throughout history, but no more that 5% for the human, elven, dwarven, and orcish races. 

Mages are rare, but there are still many across Allarya. Each races produces mages at different rates, but overall a little less than one percent of the total population will have the talent for magic. This increases or decreases depending on the rise in magical bloodlines, how often individuals gain magical talent spontaneously, or the rare occasion where mages may be persecuted, hunted, or exterminated by those afraid of their powers. 

The global population of Allarya has varied drastically over history. In addition to the illness and resources which hamper growth, populations face all sorts of dangers, including magical anomalies, dangerous wildlife, and a great amount of conflict. While the overall population had grown substantially during the Doridan and Imperial Eras, the rampant war, plague, famine, and destruction wrought by the War and Dark Eras have caused a significant reduction in population, which has only recently began recovering.

Global Population at the End of Each Era
  • Archaic Era - 210 Million
  • Doridan Era - 720 Million
  • Imperial Era - 1170 Million
  • War Era - 830 Million
  • Lost Era - 720 Million
  • Dawn Era - 760 Million

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