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Allamor is an odditie compared to any other nation you've been to. It is a county water locked on one end, with an ocean clear as glass but tinted dark as night. The Crager Swamps run parallel to the ocean but are just as impassable. These swamps lead to the Tar Lands. A place covered in thick obsidian like sludge that  hardens & petrifes anything organic it comes into contact with. The tar loops around & hugs the outside perimeter of the mountains surrounding Allamors's Western & Northern outskirts. What lies beyond is not known & is of little interest to Allamor's many citizens.      Allamor is a very peaceful nation in regards to established populace. This, in addition to magically enhanced farming & animal husbandry techniques, has allowed its population to soar to 100 million. The outskirts tho are oddly teeming with aggression.      The land itself is made up of 5 different regions with 2 large cities. In the Southwest is a massive swamp, called Jennuiteshk, or Jennui by most common folk. This land is full of death, life & regrow and its populace represent this. These can include but are not limited to Lizardfolk, Grung, Yuan-ti, Goblins, kobold, orc, half-orc and the occasional human  and dragon born. Closer to the waters and in the deeper parts of the swamp live more aquatic intelligent races such as bullywug, Kou-toa, Locathah, Grung. Jennui has many hostile entities as well including, Orges, bushels of Assassin vine, giant multi-headed snakes, and Crocodiles that can enlarge at will. Jennuieshk is also where the second city of Allamor resides, Garusk. Also known as the "Salty Blood of Allamor", this city is home to roughly 22 million.      To the Southeast is the tinted waters of Maanzehiontor. The water while being of glass transperancy has a dark tint that ranges from a light blue-green gray to pitch black with varying shades in between. There is a land mass off the coast called Maanzehoon but is known by the locals of Allamor as "Abomination-nation". Not much is known about the waters or the land outside of Garusk. The origin of the nickname is unclear but the phrase has evolved into a derogatory term for any reptilian, aquatic or amphibian race that was born south of Garusk. The term is used by eleves frequently, but also by any high class individual, regardless of race.      The Western region of Allamor is known as Tirithsha, it is comprised of old growth oak & redwood forests but their are pockets cherry, weeping willow, giant sequoia and maple trees.  These forests are of a mild temperature almost cold at times (45-70) but are extremely humid & foggy. Drow, Forest elves, Half-elfs, Humans, Half-orcs, Orcs, Hobgoblins, Tieflings & Yuan-ti half bloods make this region home. Their are tales of roaming Giant Elk, Elephants, Hill & Stone Giants, Living trees & large bands of Worgs. There are smaller fauna as well but they are unusually friendly & at worst  territorial. The northern most part Tirithsha transitions into an arboreal, pine forest as the elevation rises & the temperature drops.      The North & Northeastern parts of Allamor are cold & harsh. Von Mor, as it is commonly referred to exists at a higher elevation that increase the closer you are to the mountains. Von Mor is comprised of Tundra & Perma frost clearing with light shrubbery. Closer to the Tirithsha & Grassquiden the environment is more comprised of pine forests, hardy shrubs. Large sections of ground occasionally rise a float for days or years before crashing down. This phenomenon is not present elsewhere. The populace are rigid but a fair folk, mainly Gith, Warforged, Deep Gnomes, Duregar & Drow. The unfriendly are mainly scavengers, large arachnids & Insectiods. Most of these are burrow makers or fly down from the mountains. This is the largest region of Allamor as well as the oldest. There are a few village & towns scattered about, regularly by frozen lakes & streams. These waters are barren of most life except small fish, most of which resemble sardines but with bright yellow scales & goat like eyes. Ice fishing is a common leisure activity & sport. The fish population is too small for any kind of farming & most Southern Allamorians see eating fish as barbaric & almost canablistic.      The center of Allamor is called Grassquideh, it is a very peaceful land full of hills, valleys but for the most part large stretches of grass parries. This region is where a majority of agriculture done in Allamor takes places. This produce & techniques are then shipped & taught throughout Allamor. In higher classes their is a strong bias towards a high plant low meat diet. This diet is seen as a social push towards a more peaceful people. This also allows for a very sustainable population of roughly 100 million throughout Allamor. In the extremes of the south & north this diet is nearly impossible to maintain & is seen as a way to show off your wealth & status. Fruit is especially rare in these parts as only hardy root vegetables & edible leafed plants can be grown.      In the center & Southwestern parts of Grassquideh lies the capital city of Allamor, Alipathea. Alipathea is a sprawling city, home to towers that's scrape the sky & arcane organic technological inventions that rival even the greatest imaginations are common place. Some of these include steam trains, arcane hover boards, living organic weaponary & tentacled, metal domed, biomechanical arcane enhanced, living vehicle hybrids. Alipathea's roughly 33 million citizens are quiet diverse like most of Allamor. Alipathea has a hierarchy of status, similar to a caste system. The citizens placement is based on race & the accomplishments of your recent genetic line(see attached food pyramid of racistness). This hierarchy is integral Alipathea society & its importance to Allamorians decreases based on their distance from Alipathea, age, and alliances. The older the creature the more likely it will be grown accustomed to this system of status. Alipathea even has a section dedicated specifically for the elderly. Once any citizen of Allamor has reached an "old age" they can make a final pillgramid to this district of Alipathea. Once getting approval from the local government, all housing, food & care will be provided for you until your eventual death with the only stipulation being that you cannot leave the district when moving in. This isn't a problem for Allamorian's tho, as this item is seen as a holy ground that establishes a halfway point between the living and the after life.    There is a palace intercepting Alipatha, Grassquideh & Tirithsha. It is triangular at the base, then rises & twists at a steady incline till it pierces the sky. It is so tall that it can seen anywhere in Allamor. At its peak is a gargantuan bright maroon almost magenta crystal that shimmers and reflects so much light when the sun is over it the sky gets a light red hue to it.      Their are many more aspects of this huge land but for those answers you'll have to ask the denizens of Allamor.

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