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Welcome To Tangorray on the Basqay Sea

The Age of Sail is dawning as the realms of the world strive to become masters of the Basqay Sea, a place of warm waters, beautiful skies, and tropical beaches. Riches abound here for those who can get them and bring them home. Braving the Basqay Sea means out-sailing rivals when you can, or defeating them in ship to ship combat when you cannot. Many ships have ramming bows and sturdy crews for boarding other ships. Though no formal declarations of war have been made, there is always the risk of battle with rivals or pirates.  

Sailing on the Basqay Sea

The main weapon aboard ships is the rail-lista.

The Weapon of the Sea

Rail-listas are a ballista style weapon.   The great bow string of the rail-lista slides hollow clay goard ammunition along its base rail.   This rail gives the rail-lista greater aim than a catapult or other such weapons.   Better aim on a pitching, rolling sea is the main reason these are the prefered weapons for ships.   The clay goards are filled with alchemies of ichor or fire, doing great damage to ship and crew when it strikes.

Halgraa the Storm Mage

Halgraa Token.png

Magic On the Sea

  Ships often have storm mages who strive to provide favorable conditions for the ships and their sails.   Storm mages will cast lightning upon enemy ships should combat occur.   Storm clerics also help provide favorable conditions. They also offer healing to the crew.   The best ships have both a mage and a cleric, sometimes more than one of each.

Bones the Storm Cleric


Great Steam Turtle

Here Be Sea Monsters

  From sea devils who build their cities beneath the waves, to the great monstrous beasts that swim it, terror awaits those who dare to sail the Basqay Sea.   Great fortunes and glory come to those who dare to sail ... and survive.

The Crescent Island

Hidden on the Sea

Upon the Basqay Sea, hidden away from the main shipping routes, lies a small crescent island.   One lonely town stands on this island behind a harbor protected with a maze of barrier sandbars. These sandbars shift as storms blow by, requiring the harbor to be dredged every so often.   Sailors can find themselves pressed into doing this work.


  Such is the way in Tangorray.
  Those who come here do so as its one of the rare few ports they can enter and not be hunted by any authorities. For this is a pirate haven.   More than pirates come to Tangorray. Trading companies who will not ask questions can buy goods on the cheap here. The well-to-do, nobles, and various scoundrels carry out underhanded dealings at the only inn, Anchors Away, or while eatting at the finest dining in town, Brutemon's House of Flapjacks. Others come to shop at Ye Olde Pawn Shoppe where booty too risky to be sold elsewhere can be purchased.   For those looking, great adventures can be had from the desperate, the dastardly, or the daring.   Who will you meet? What will you find? Let's find our way to Tangorray and see what awaits.  

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