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If you believe that swimming with dolphins has a healing effect, you should take a trip with the Jelly Roger. Afterwards you will be a different person! -- former traveler


The Jelly Roger is found exclusively in the waters of Alkewa. Captains, psychologists, theologians and homeopaths argue to this day whether the Jelly Roger is a ship, a water creature, a swimming asylum, or even a divine apparition.
Seafarers in particular argue that the Jelly Roger cannot be a ship, since every ship by definition needs a crew and a captain. However, it must be admitted that the Jelly Roger has the ability to accommodate and carry passengers.

Biologically, the Jelly Roger belongs to the psychological giant jellyfish (Medusozua Maximus Psychologica). Their external appearance resembles that of deep sea jellyfish. A classic umbrella-like head, which is equipped with long tentacles on the underside. The umbrella-like head of the Jelly Roger can reach a diameter of over 200m and has numerous cavities inside, which are connected by a labyrinth of valves. The skin and flesh of the Jelly Roger have a gelatinous consistency and are transparent to milky in appearance. Fluorescent nerve cords run throughout the organism.


Historically, the Jelly Roger must be counted among the pirate ships. However, this creature does not rob gold. Also, one can hardly speak of robbing, since this jellyfish only borrows its prey temporarily.
The Jelly Roger can only be boarded at night, and then only at irregular intervals along the coastline of Alkewa. Through muscular contraction, the fluorescent nerve cords of the giant jellyfish create a luminous spectacle reminiscent of a giant carnival. Onlookers attracted by this are grabbed by the Jelly Roger's tentacles as soon as they are within range and transported inside the jellyfish. This is by no means dangerous or even alarming. Quite the contrary, because the robbed persons are princely accommodated inside the jellyfish. The cavities of the jellyfish are soft, warm and fluffy, making you feel as if you were in an Arabian pillow temple. Through movements such as tapping, drumming, or pounding, the skin of the jellyfish is set into vibration. These vibrations produce tones and rhythms, which are accompanied by the fluorescent light of the nerve cords. This mixture of music and light evokes a feeling of trance-like bliss and awe in most people. Since the cavities inside the jellyfish are all interconnected, you are by no means alone, but can certainly visit your neighbors in the other cavities. There are whole groups of visitors to the Jelly Roger who use the jellyfish to throw wild parties or concerts. Through collective stomping and dancing, the entire body of the jellyfish is vibrated in such a way that a musical experience is created that is second to none. People who have returned from a trip on the Jelly Roger report that it feels like being put in the center of a glowing speaker.

Only the Jelly Roger's food offerings leave something to be desired. The giant jellyfish filters algae and plankton out of the seawater and mixes it into a greenish gray mush, which is nutritious but tastes more like fishy gruel. This mush can be sucked directly from the jellyfish skin through some glands inside the cavities. The cavities and chambers are cleaned by some deep sea sponges, which incessantly adhere to the jellyfish skin and slowly slide over the surface while sucking of dirt.

After a few weeks of being on and in the high seas, the Jelly Roger again heads for Alkewa's coastline. The previously robbed individuals are released in the shallow coastal waters by the help of the tentacles and have usually undergone a major transformation. One can certainly imagine that several weeks on a diet of plankton mush and, in addition, without the external influences of everyday life, but with plenty of music and light, can leave a lasting impression on the travelers.

Jellical Treatment

The medical benefits of the Jelly Roger quickly became clear. Especially people affected by burnout or trauma patients get the opportunity to concentrate on themselves in the Jelly Roger. Everyday life stays outside, no phone calls, no e-mails and no Internet. In the long run, there is nothing left to do but to surrender to the music and the play of light and to be completely present in the here and now. Old and deep-seated psychological injuries inevitably come to the surface and much of what one has repressed in everyday life can be worked through and healed with the help of the meditative effect of music and light. Emotions of all kinds come to the surface and it is not uncommon for former travelers to report that laughter, crying or roaring can often be heard in the chambers of the Jelly Roger.

Some doctors, therapists and psychologists prescribe a jellyfish cure of several weeks to their patients. Many people transported by the jellyfish claim to be in harmony with themselves and their environment after the jellyfish journey. While therapists can never be completely objective, another advantage of jellyfish therapy is that the jellyfish has no ego.
There are already first religious orientations which talk about Jelly Zen or Jellyism and believe that the Jelly Roger is a medium to the path of enlightenment.

No one knows exactly why the Jelly Roger exhibits this behavior, but it probably has to do with the giant jellyfish feeding. It is believed that the Jelly Roger feeds on either emotions or human excretions such as tears, sweat, or other more unapetizing discharges.
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That's a - ehm - very different approach. I like it! :)

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Thx a lot! :) That's the approach from your average everyday normal nerdy wierdo! I love fantastic frippery :P

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I thought the "passengers" would turn out to be food or something but I love that they just come back happier and healthier!

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Thank you for your nice comment. My first intention was about food ;) but I like to see things from a different point of view when it comes to stories and fantastic frippery

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Great article! I love the idea of this jelly-fish ship/therapy place and the colourful illustrations you have :D   Has anyone tried to attack the jelly roger before? Maybe to free its guests before their time inside was finished, to try to take control of it and use it as a ship or just to experiment on it and try to understand it? I imagine a lot of governments are very curious about it.

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Thank you so much :) I thought about political abuse or something like that, but I decided against it. On the one hand because this is a world for children and I want to keep it mysterious and fantastic, but there is also another reason. The Jelly Roger is a creature of the deep. It only comes to the surface to rob or release people. So far, no one has managed to get hold of it. The only valuable records are held by a scientist who was once allowed to travel with the Jelly Roger, but that story has yet to be told ;) You can find something about that scienetist over here if you like: Raboneakers - by Prof. Prismut Okkulmeyer