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Goddess of Agriculture

Samara is a highly beloved and greatly adored Goddess. She watches over the crops and vineyards of farmers, ranchers, and others that utilize agriculture in their lives. Despite the large task of providing great harvests for the seasons, Samara is quite lazy, and narrow minded. When her mind is made to help or hinder someone or something, rarely is her mind changed. She is depicted as giant, thin, and graceful.

Place of Worship

There are all sorts of places for those in pursuit of Samara's boon, but natural sanctuaries and pagodas are prevalent even outside these circles. Samara is worshipped through pledgees and alms.


Worshippers are abundant and tend to come in the form of salespeople, farmers, and tavern folk. Only those who truly put their faith in Samara shall receive her blessings, but make sure the right pledges and alms are followed.

Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Child of Viari and Heltyx
deep green
light grey, waist length
Skin Tone
dark flesh
very tall, exact height unknown

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