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It’s midsummer in Ephemera, the city of the Gods. Today is a day of celebration and wonder, a day that comes seldom in people’s lifetime: The Tournament of the Gods.   Although the Elder Gods are immortal, there are several lesser gods that wither and die, or are outright killed. Whatever the case, when enough of the lesser gods are dead, the Elder Gods host a tournament to potential candidates. Everyone is eligible, whether they are nobles, commoners, adventurers, or criminals. The tournament shall flush out the weak and feeble, and those worthy shall ascend to godhood.   The tournament is fraught with dangers, betrayals, and favoritism. One could not hope to survive without the help of friends, and even the Gods themselves are not off limits in terms of friendship. Make no mistake, this is not a Last-Man-Standing tournament. The ability to work together proves commitment to the Gods, and there are several recorded incidents of multiple heroes rising to godhood through one tournament.   The rules are simple, the path is challenging, and the results are godly.