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dematorian juice

Belinda sighed. they hated the spotlight on them. they had to make dematorian juice for everyone at the party. one wrong move and their "friends" would be dead the moment they touch the drink. they would have been normally happy to do that, mess up the drink when the chef wasn't looking, but this time they were the chef. belinda sighed again and removed the pot. they turned around and went through the cupboard, looking for a small jar of blue sticks. taking one out they put it over the pot. after a bit the stick turned purple. belinda sighed in relief and put the juice in small jars and set out to tell their mother that the juice was done. belinda walked into the living room to find their mother talking to someone at the door. they slowed down and stood behind a wall, listening in on there conversation. " your job is to mess up the juice, than get her to drink it, ok?" their mom said. what?! i know my mom doesn't like me that much, but WHAT?! kill me? and anyone else that drinks it? "make sure she's the only one to drink it." mom continued, " and if anyone else drinks it, i'll make sure the dragon king comes and kills everyone in your village." belinda heard the door shut as the stranger left. taking a deep breath, they walked in and said, "who was that mom?" "no one important. just another one of those travelers. is the juice done?" their mom said as she walked to the kition. "no, i messed up again." belinda said, thinking fast, "i came to ask for some more." "oh. sure, you can have some more." she said as blinda walked in. "thanks mom, you're the best" they walked over and hugged her. "anything for you." was her reply. now go to your room, i have to finish the prepositions." "ok, mother." belinda said as they backed away. if mom plans to kill me, i'll just fake my death, or bring my own drink.


comes from a plant that seeds suck your soul out of you, then use your carcass as fertilizer!


gives a bunch of energy to the living creature that drinks it if made right, if not uses there souls energy to creat a dematorian seed
Base Price

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