Yae'Tore, the Library in the South

During his Southern conquests, Menas Thornmail rampaged through Orcish lands. Establishing himself hold on the eastern reaches of the Orcish kingdom, he burned and pillaged through the tropical villages and cities that the Orcs would not defend belonging to Trolls and Goblins. One of such cities, the Troll capital of Wal'daemin, was the focus for many battles for Menas and his human army. In this southern city, unknown to Menas at the time, was a tower known as Tore to the Trolls. This tower contained much of the Troll's history and sacred texts.

  Yaetore's destruction set the Trolls back decades. Their traditions, magical practices, and history were burned away in minutes. Among the histories were Goblin, Firbolg, and Orcish texts too. Describing how the Trolls came to align themselves with the Orcs and other nearby races. All was seemingly lost for these people as they watched their history burn through dying eyes as the humans rampaged. After The Peace, the Prince Arrthas set out to right many wrongs done by his ancestors. Yaetore being chief among them. Known the importance of history and tradition he set armies of humans out to collect any knowledge and information on Trollish history or traditions they could find. Gathering them together, his city agreed to fund the construction of a new tower of knowledge named Yae'Tore.

  Three other such buildings were constructed around Lothlonde. Yae'Tore became known as the Library in the South. Following its construction, various races banded together to build similar structures to house knowledge and traditions. Fortifying them and making strict war crime laws about destroying such buildings. Know as The Four Great Libraries, these now house most books of knowledge produced. Tore's destruction, while saddening and tragic, was the catalyst for the current Libraries and the treatment of books and tomes.


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