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Yoko Schmidt


She's very much like her sister Avice Schmit in many ways. though, Yoko is nowhere near as muscular as her sister, though Yoko is a bit taller. Opposite her sister, Yoko's hair is a frilly pink twin-tails. and her irises are a deep brown, accenting her tanned skin. On her fingertips, she has small and very sharp hooks, which have grown in result to her Caliber. Her choice of wardrobe consists of a black tank-top, and knee-length cam0 shorts and brown combat boots. She also sometimes wears tan fingerless-gloves.  


She spent much of her early years having fun with her sister, simply goofing off. When her Caliber manifested, and although her mother felt Yoko should keep it hidden and appear normal like her sister, Yoko's father pressed that Yoko use it to assist in his work. Her father won out and Yoko spent much of her time assisting the the work of mining and demolition companies. This negatively impacted her, but she managed to flesh out her Caliber, making it very powerful. Unfortunately, while Yoko was at home, she was helping her mother cook dinner before Yoko accidentally learned the ability to turn any object into a bomb. Her mother was killed and their house burned down in the process. Her father was a huge source of comfort for Yoko, before the two of them were eventually hired into the Celestial Lumanine as demolition experts.


Very much like her sister in the sense of chaos, but in a different way. Mention anything remotely close to an explosive and she will seemingly appear from thin air. She's very enthusiastic about things, even subjects you should not be enthusiastic about. put her in a battle and she will maniacally blow all of her enemies to pieces. Tell her something needs demolitions and she will have it done in mere seconds. Even when she's beaten down, she keeps her energy, making her a very resilient fighter. Not to mention, she's kind to nearly everyone, except those marked as enemies by her friends.


With the helps of the hooks (as previously mentioned) on her fingers, Yoko can inject a special chemical, known as Azidoazide azide (which she generates in her stomach, then flows through special veins she's grown, traveling to her hands), into almost any object she wishes, due to the hooks being able to penetrate practically every material known. She can also shoot large explosions (even larger if she stores up Azidoazide azide in her stomach) from her fingertips, giving her a ranged attack. The drawback is, the bigger the explosions, the more quickly her chemical reserves will run out. At that point, her explosions will be weaker and created from her own energy, but it drains very quickly. She's developed a special tank that straps to her back that she carries around, allowing her to dump the Azidoazide azide from her hands into the tank (and back again), keeping it in a non-volatile state storing large amounts of it for later use.

Age: 17

  Born in 4599, April 18th. Her sister, Avice Schmit, Darius 'John' Henry, and Colton Diaíresi Toa all joke that, her true birthday was omn April 1st, because of her crazy nature and joy for scaring people (though on accident most times).


Despite her love of explosions, which naturally involve heat, Yoko loves even more the colder temperatures of the world. She adores winter, loves all of her food cold, and does everything she can to make herself cold. Strangely, despite enduring frigid temperatures at times, Yoko seems almost invulnerable to it.


One could assume that explosions are Yoko's hobby, and rightfully so. But in truth, her actual hobby is mixology. She's actually become a skilled drink mixer, able to make the most intricate, exotic, and strange drinks. Not all taste good, but when they do, they taste amazing. Due to this, she almost always runs a type of drink bar at parties hosted by the Celestial Lumanine.

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