The Coins of Sameiou

Ordinary golden coins. Yes?

You know, these coins are either the purest lucky coins out there or the most damn unlucky ones ever. You never know if you will be killed by them or through them discover a bag of newly baked cupcakes... Like, you can even be teleported to places. You just flip them like this and ... oh ... well ... damn ...  
— A random Concoridan who flips
a Sameiou coin and gets teleported away.
He appears several weeks later, saying he discovered a Realm of Lost Socks.


The Coins of Sameiou is a quantifiable amount of Divine Artifacts created by the Kynbekker Deity of the same name. Their real purpose is rather ambiguous and it is unknown exactly how many coins exist throughout Alézun'Teran, for the sole reason that Sameiou refuses to speak of them, although why nobody has been able to find out.  
— Excerpt from Divine Artifacts.

Divine capabilities

The coins appear to be made out of solid gold with intricate markings on them. They are about 5x5 centimeters large and quite heavy. They give off a vague golden illumination that some Deities compare to the surface of a young yellow star.  
— Excerpt from Divine Artifacts.

Vanishing wish coins

It appears not all coins hold the same properties, except for their behavior of disappearing without a trace after being placed on a flat surface while the handler thought of something they wanted, which can range from simply wanting a loaf of bread, to the end of an emperor or an empire.
It is not always these wishes become reality, though there is some speculation that they hold more possibility of occurring if thrown down a Wellsprings.  
— Excerpt from Divine Artifacts.

Teleportation aid

One of the more well-known properties of some of the coins, are the ones that may act as teleportation aid. You simply flip it up in the air and in the air, it will stay and continue to spin in increasingly higher speeds until it turns into a glowing orange color.
The light it gives off will blind the thrower and only the thrower until both disappear in a flash of light. If the thrower ends up where they wanted, however, is a different question, as only a small percentage are ever heard of again. And usually not that sane either.  
— Excerpt from Divine Artifacts.
"What the heck happened here?! Just look at all of this... Its is insane. Great, the Captain will be so pleased with this ... Just fantastic. Months of information gathering just ... wasted...  
— An civilian dressed Knight of Peace, regarding the seven mangled bodies of heavily armored mercenaries in a room that has been shredded and is covered in coin-sized holes and blood. At a nearby table that has been spared, a single Sameiou coin is placed, though no blood is visible on its shiny surface.

Like ricocheting bullets

They may also, spontaneously, begin ricocheting off surfaces as if someone shot off several bullets in a confined metal box. While doing this, they appear to materialize copies of themselves, so that one single coin appears to be seven or even ten.
Any unlucky sod who is in the vicinity of these bullet coins will be shredded to pieces within seconds, and it does not matter if they are wearing the toughest metal armor. The coins will go through them like wet paper.
What surfaces they ricocheting off can be anything from stone or metal, to wood to glass. Interestingly enough, they will move faster on cold materials, though why is anyone's guess.
This ricocheting of theirs will continue for several minutes until they will stop at the exact same spot where they were placed. Strangely enough, some coins will only be ricochetting while unseen, so that if one opens a door it will stop and place itself on the spot where it was placed, but as soon as the door is closed, it will begin again. This has made some owners question their sanity, for obvious reasons.  
— Excerpt from Divine Artifacts.
"Yes. Take care of them. Take care of them all. Love them. Shred them. They are your friends. Friends who need to sleep. Sleep is fine. Sleep that is eternal and blackned. Shred them and let their beautiful crimson life force be released from their crude physical forms. Yes ... yes...  
— Whispers heard from the blackned coins.

Whispering madness

Some rare examples of the Sameiou Coins have a strange black mark on them, as if they had been touched with coal covered hands. All recorded examples of these coins have always been found in the possesion of murders and serial killers, who only a few months before were just ordinary people with little to no criminal activity.
They quickly disappear from the markest though.  
— Excerpt from Divine Artifacts.


The value of the coins fluctuates constantly and to some, they hold the same value of other gold coins, or possibly even higher value, while others see them as completly worthless. It is all dependable on the person in question. Though Faceless Constants, Angels, and Divinities have a higher chance of being villing to offer something in exchange for them.  
— Excerpt from Divine Artifacts.


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