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The Recipe for the "food" know as Gruel

There is a dish served cold among the troops of many Alestion armies. The item most commonly referred to as Gruel is not actually a type of mush or porridge its actually a bar it comes packaged in parchment paper and is stored in crates. The shape and look of the bar can be described as a brick of sandpaper and by some accounts its texture is much the same.The bar itself is made of dried meat? and other pieces of animals its has a grayish purple hue to its sandpaper like skin and the odor it makes when open is akin to goat balls splattered in manure many of the recruits when first eating the Gruel can not stomach its smell and many vomit before taking their first bite.   The Gruel Bar was first made 12 years ago when general Jarius S. Garrick had difficulty supplying his troops with food and made a request to the mage academy of Highclave, to make a type of food that is long preserving and can fill vast quantities of troops with a meal for the day. The academy had not received such a request before such that they refused to even answer General Garrick. The news of the letter had soon though made waves through out the school. A dwarven Wizard by the name of Bolaf Headhanger had made it his goal to make such a "food" and he went off to do just that to be honest not much is known on how he made it or how it is created the recipe nor is the recipe know to the army or to anyone I could find that has made deals with Bolaf Headhanger.   That was until a few nights ago when I had been out on the town with a few friends of mine. We had gone into a tavern which i will not give the name of and had gotten or selves into a brawl over a not very important matter anyways to the point. I had met the man himself Bolaf Headhanger and was able to speak with him about his recipe and he allowed for me, to make this article on the subject and allow for the recipe to be published.   Ingredients  
  • One pint of ale made from Sea cucumber juice
  • The Aged meat of a Otyugh
  • The Tongue of a cow
  • Three Freshly Rotten Eggs
  • The Bark of a Willowok tree
  Preparation   Now once the ingredients have all been gathered Tenderize the Otugh meat till tender. Then pour the ale of sea cucumber into a bowl with the Otyugh meat then once they have been together for a long enough time break the three freshly rotten eggs and mix the meat and eggs together until you have a ball of meat. Once you have the ball of meat take the cow tongue and Willowok bark and put into a oven with a low fire and let the two mingle after about 30 minutes take the cow tongues and mix that into the ball of meat. Now once that is all done you will need a mage to cast the spell Hungrought onto the meat. once the spell has been completed cut the meet in to rectangles and place into a oven over night in the morning you will have the "food" known as gruel

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16 Oct, 2018 15:05

Ooof how do I un-read the ingredients? Fantastic writing! I feel sorry for the poor folks who have ever had to consume a gruel bar!

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