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King/Queen of The Hylands


You must be a child of the prior king and queen, but which child becomes the next ruler is decided by the people. Usually it's the eldest male, but in some cases that isn't an option or the people don't know the son well enough and select a daughter instead. Bastard children are considered in most cases, but they're not likely to be the most popular and thus rarely acquire the throne, besides which, there hasn't been a royal bastard in centuries.


A prince/princess must be above the age of twenty (the age of adulthood in The Hylands) at the time of their parents' death or abdication to be eligible for election.


There is no campaign for a prince/princess who wishes to take the throne. The people elect based on their prior knowledge of the candidates, and that alone.   After the people have decided which prince/princess to raise to the throne, there is a private coronation ceremony in the castle. This coronation is overseen by the faerie High Steward, the prior monarch/s (unless the reason for the heir's ascension to the throne is the death of the monarchs), and the Athairan High Priest.   This ceremony is followed by a grand celebration which the entire kingdom is invited to attend.


The duties of the king or queen of The Hylands are to keep the peace, make difficult decisions on the kingdom's behalf, and address problems of international relations. They're also to keep up the morale of the people.


They have nearly complete power over the kingdom, as well as almost endless supplies of money or other resources.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the people were to decide that their king or queen was no longer the proper person for the job--a decision they are only allowed to make if the monarch has crossed into tyrannical or treasonous behavior--an investigation is made to make certain the claims (of tyranny or treason) are true. If it is found that they are, the monarch is unceremoniously removed and sentenced to fifty years in prison. Afterward, a new monarch is selected from the tyrant/traitor's children or siblings, in the same way they would be if the tyrant/traitor had died or abdicated.

Notable Holders

Nobility, Hereditary
Source of Authority
The people.
Length of Term
For life, or until abdication.
Current Holders
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