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Calling all men and women of valor, courage, and adventurous spirit!   Within the astral sea there rests a realm where all other planes meet, this nexus and the world which resides over it is known as the wonderful and mysterious Realm of Aleria, or the Land of Dawn and Twilight. It is a world of magic and adventure, where dangers and discoveries lurk around every corner and powerful magic courses through the roots of the known world. From the tumultuous and twisted shattered archipelago of the Forgotten isles, to the mysterious and foreboding shores of the Sea of Mist, and even to the distant warring city-states of the immense Nezerak desert, this world is ripe with opportunity for adventurous explorers seeking glory, fame, and wealth beyond their wildest dreams. Do you seek the riches that Aleria offers for yourself? If so, then gather together a group of hardy adventurers and set out to uncover the bounties of this mysterious and wonderful land, but beware for in the land of Dawn and Twilight every light casts a shadow and every rose has its thorns.