High Rannoc

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  Nestled amongst the foothills of the Rannoc Ranges sits the idyllic village of High Rannoc. While it may first appear to be a quiet, peaceful place, the folk here are hard working and rather susceptible to picking up an array of illnesses and injuries. With the disappearance of their healer the locals had been more cautious but also more accutely aware of just how often they were in need of a healing hand. Concerns were raised, petitions were made and word was sent out in search of a healer. It wasn't too long before they heard that a witch from the city had accepted and was on their way. The relief this news brought has helped ease this witch's entrance somewhat, with it outweighing any reservations or distrust they would naturally have for a new healer. However, it's only a matter of time before they begin to regard the newcomer with a more critical eye.  

The Copper Fox Tavern

  The Copper Fox is one of the least peaceful places in High Rannoc. Under the careful ownership of Theo Harper, the tavern is rarely empty. During the day it is the best place to enjoy a cozy atmosphere and friendly conversation over a pint of Rannoc Ale or a bowl of the "best stew in all the Ranges".   Amongst the locals of High Rannoc, weary travellers and adventurers from afar make up the bulk of the Fox's customers. Most nights you will hear one such sharing their tales of their recent ventures, often from the depths of Hero's Hollow or the heights of Moonbreaker Mountain.   Whether invited or not, there is often a bard or two performing either perched on a barrel or crate outside the tavern or set up on the small stage inside. Theo doesn't seem to mind these uninvited entertainers, so long as they bring in the customers and don't cause any upset. Rarely are they required to separate the more competitive bards, and even then it is only when such occurances become unfriendly and truly disruptive will they interfere.   If you have the coin and the desire for your own adventure, this is the best place to hire someone to join you.

Ritual Circle

  Down the path from the Lunar Tower sits a circle of towering stones covered in confusing scribblings. At least, they are confusing to the locals and anyone without arcane knowledge. These "scribblings" are actually powerful runes that have been carefully carved into the stones. There is no written record of when these stones were placed, or who carved the runes, but it is suspected they were there long before High Rannoc became a village.   Much like the Lunar Tower, this stone circle is widely left undisturbed mostly out of respect but also simply because there are none who have need of it or even know how to use it. Those who have innane arcane ability may feel a greater level of reverence towards it and may be drawn towards it out of curiosity, but without the education or guiding mentor few are brave to act upon such feelings. Fortunately, without specific guidance or knowledge, it is rather difficult to activate the runes cutting down on the chances of any accidental activations.   At the center of the circle lies a square stone with a wide, round depression carved out of the middle, surrounded by a tiny runic script. It is supposed this was once a place of sacrifice, and while it may not be anywhere as dark as what some may imagine, this is true. Instead of the messy, bloody sacrifices of ancient magic however, this is a place used more for exchanges. By "sacrificing" elements taken from nature of lesser quality, a witch can gain something of higher quality in return.

Lunar Tower

  To most villagers the tower is a mysterious place, its purpose generally unknown other than providing a rather lovely outlook over the valley. The most frequent visitor to the Tower is its caretaker, Rory Williamson, who is often accompanied by his cat, Moonbeam. Rory might be getting on in his years but this doesn't prevent him from tackling the winding stairs of the tower, claiming that if nothing else, it helps to keep him in shape.   Before their disappearance, the previous witch was the only one who made any real use of the tower. Despite not knowing if or when the witch will return, Rory has made it his duty to ensure the tower is well maintained. This duty is made slightly more challenging thanks to the fact the local feline population have staked a claim upon the grounds. Moonbeam is especially helpful in this regard, ensuring the other cats keep their paws in line, leaving little doubt as to who is truly in charge here.   The roof of the tower holds a giant gem which, under the full moon, produces a silver-blue glow that can be seen for miles around. On such nights Rory refuses to enter the tower and warns any without arcane ability or knoweldge to steer clear also.  


  Owned by the charismatic couple Raylee and Jade Reed, this store is the best place to pick up exactly what the name suggests - Bits and Bobs. From kitchen utensils, decorative trinkets, to pet toys and a surprisingly wide selection of threads and materials, Raylee and Jade pride themselves in the slightly chaotic jumble of what they have to offer. They have even made a habit of keeping some reagents on hand to help their local healer out.   The building that houses the shop may be small, but every nook and cranny is filled with what some may call junk, but to others are treasures. The shelves are often restocked on a regular basis, keeping the customers coming back to see what they might find this week. Often people are unaware of what it is they want, or need, until they see it and if they don't see it, simply ask for it. Sometimes Raylee or Jade will find it in a back room, or they will make a note of it and promise to acquire it on their next trip out. One or the other are often travelling, and while it is assumed they go to the next village or town, none truly know where they get their merchandise from.   The truth is, there is a small deception, or at least an element of illusion, that is at work here. The couple may not always have as much stock as it looks, but with a creative and clever way of rotating the little stock they do have and with careful planning and placement, the shop gives the appearance of abundance. If anyone is wise to this, the deception is so small and harmless that they are content to let it continue.

Foraging Items

Reagent Description
Darkwater An incredibly sweet soda that is best to keep away from children. A popular beverage amongst demons.
Hiker's Helper Dark green and leafy, this weed is a common sight growing along the edges of paths and roads.
Jumpkin A product of faerie mischief, this species of pumpkin are particularly fond of lunging towards unsuspecting passers-by if they get too close.
Milkstone Impossible to get without a wand unless fortunate enough to have befriended a Giant. These stones are commonly used by Giants when their babies are teething.
Whisper of a Cat Challenging to collect without the help of a feline familiar (and impossible without a Wand), a cat's whisper requires a great deal of patience to collect.
Wild Rose Blooming in open patches full of sunlight, these flowers come in a range of colours. Farmers might not be so fond of them, but they are a firm favourite of High Rannoc gardeners.


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