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A small, humid planet set in the tiny ht-321 system on the Perseus arm. Alenta is the 5th planet from it’s abnormally small red sun. It’s axis is titled at 98 degrees, which means that when one hemisphere of the planet is covered in near-constant sunlight, the other has no light at all. Because of this, the people have classified these two ‘months’ Ah and Ih. Each of the months last for about four weeks and is marked by a sunset and rise that lasts about an hour.   Alenta is 23/37 the size of earth. Radius: 2,461 measures (miles) Circumference: 15,462.9 ms^2 Surface area: 76,108,487.5 ms^2 Volume: 62,434,329,261.9 ms^3 Mass: 1.863E^24 kets (kilos) Density: 7.16 g/cm^3 Gravitational acceleration: 26 feet per s