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For freedom, for peace, for Freital!
King Heinrich, ruler of Freital before the attack on Königssturz
Freeland (also Freiland) is a province on the southern border of Ephea. It is home to the humans of Freeland and an independent nation from the Human Empire. Often this nation is called Freital, which is the capital of the territory and contains a big part of Freeland's population. Freeland is a classical monarchy, led by a single regent, descended from an independent royal bloodline.


The territory of Freeland can be divided into multiple parts. Freeland claims the Freeland-Islands not far from the southern coast of Ephea. The capital, Freital, is located on the mainland in the so-called 'Protected Bay'. In between lays the arched island, making the final part of the territory of Freeland. Freeland is located in a moderated climate zone. The vegetation around Freital and on the arched island is not different from the typical vegetation in southern Ephea, allowing agriculture, forestry, and livestock. However, the Freeland islands are a very uninviting, dusty, and dry region and therefore mostly serve as bastions and sanctuaries. Freeland is a coastal country and therefore the altitude of their territory is low. The land is flat and doesn't have mountains or hills of remarkable size. The capital, Freital, is the only city of Freeland that is located on the mainland of Ephea. Most of the cities of smaller size are on the arched islands, only very few of them on the Freeland Islands. All islands are reinforced and guarded by fortresses, the largest one, Königssturz right on the largest of the Freeland Islands.


For a more detailed version of Freeland's history, check out The Rise of Freital.
Freital emerged from a rebellion against the cruel ways of the Human Empire in 444 b. BF. The freedom fighters used the empty neglected Freeland Islands to plan assaults against the mainland as an operation base. Gathering allies all over the world, rebels resisting against the Empire as well, they were able to coordinate with them and attack from different points all over the world at the same time. In 378 b. BF, Freeland attacked the city of Matruzien in the Protected Bay. Due to their fast methods, they caught the Empire off-guard and didn't just manage to assault but to conquer the city. The Empire, having trouble defending other points of the territory, couldn't afford enough units to reconquer the city right away, resulting in years of siege, but Freeland managed to protect supply routes, using the arched island as a granary. In 321 b. BF the empire retreated the troops from Matruzien and rather focused on attacking the base of the rebellion. Freeland renamed the city of Matruzien to Freital and established this city as their official capital. However, the Empire made good progress on the Freeland Islands and conquered them completely in 284 b. BF. With the plan to pincer the rebels from the mainland and the Freeland Islands, the empire constructed huge fortresses and defensive garrisons on the Islands, remaining their control over them. In 259 b. BF, the emperor of the Human Empire himself moved to the Freeland Islands, preparing for a final attack on Freital. A small group of elite assassins, loyal to Freeland managed to infiltrate the fortress of the king and murdered him, giving the fortress the name Königssturz (engl. King's Fall). With that, the Human Empire fully retreated from the Freeland Islands and left it to Freital, which finally officially declared their constitution as an independent country from the Human Empire. Freital Freital kept fighting against the Human Empire, terrorizing nearby lands and villages and assaulted shipments on the Silent Ocean. However, they were unable to put up enough military units to conquer more territory. In 9 b. BF emperor Brimstone arranged the marriage of his 9-year old daughter with the equally young prince of Freital. With that, he managed to cease the conflict between Freital and the Human Empire, yet Freital is still seen as a very military, combative country.



One of the few things humans from Freital and Lionstone have in common is the worship of the Pantheon of the Twelve-Gods. It is the only official religion in Freeland and the citizens see themself as children of Rondra just like all other humans. There were a few different attempts to integrate other beliefs and pantheons, but the humans from Freeland didn't want to give up their human identity completely and denied such ideas.  


The life of humans from Freeland around 400 b BF was very stressful. Living with the constant threat of being caught by the Empire and executed as betrayers, they live extremely cautious and hidden. Not even the Freeland Islands were seen as a haven, always having the fear of someone betraying them and selling them out to the Empire. Because of that, the people from Freeland are seen as very distrustful and isolated. After declaring their own constitution, there were attempts of creatures from other races, especially those who were looking for a refuge, to integrate into the territory of Freeland. But still, the humans stayed rather isolated, not trusting any outsiders. The general lifestyle of these people is rather combative. Most of them are prepared for an incoming war or conflict and many people choose the path of warriors, soldiers, or mercenaries. With time, Freital converted more and more to a classical monarchy. The humans were divided into different classes, depending on the job. The peasants, fishermen, and hunters carry the whole country on the very base by providing food. Citizens count as more valuable, especially because they often choose the path of soldiers. The upper caste contains powerful mages, priests, and veterans. On the very top are the king and his whole family. A classical noble name different from the royal family doesn't exist. This system worked very well and was peaceful and probably was one of the reasons for Freital's quick rise. However, for the last generations, the lower castes are getting more and more suppressed by the upper ones. The cities trying to maintain more distance from peasants and soldiers aren't very welcome in smaller villages.
The flag of Freital shows a knight's helmet and two crossed swords on a blue and black background. The background colors were chosen to be the exact opposite of the colors of the Human Empire (red and white). Another interpretation would be to see the blue color representing the sea and the black representing the shadows Freital emerged from. The knight's helmet and the two crossed swords clearly represent the military history of Freital and the constant willingness to fight if necessary.


Country: sovereign province
Region: Southern Ephea
Capital: Freital
Area: 7400 sq-miles
Aliases: Freital, The Rebellion


Government: Classical Monarchy
Races: Religion: Pantheon of the Twelve-Gods
Population: 444.000

Almost no contact

Although Nornuria and Freeland are both independent human, ephean provinces, they almost have no contact with each other. The distance between both of them is too much to allow any cooperation and Nornuria does not support the rather aggressive, offensive methods of Freeland.

Non-aggression pact, no integrety, enmity

Freeland originally was a province of the Great Human Empire. In 444 b. BF, Freeland claimed independence with a revolution. This lead to many conflicts and fights between the Human Empire and Freeland. For details look up the Rise of Freital. Only in 9 b BF, Emperor Brimstone ensured peace between Freeland and the Human Empire by marrying his daughter to the prince of Freital. However, Freeland did not agree to any kind of alliances or tradeagreements.

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  • 444 b BF

    The Gathering on the Freeland Islands
    Gathering / Conference

    After multiple different attempts of resistance and rebellions in Ephea, the Human Empire reinforces the numbers of soldiers to maintain inner security. This leads to multiple arrests and executions. The rebels are forced to flee from the mainland of Ephea, and many of them find refuge in the neglected Islands of Freeland. Intending to withstand the cruel ways of the Empire, the rebels unite under one banner, organizing and preparing themself better for future assaults. This group of people calls themself 'Freelands' and names the Freeland Islands after officially declaring their constitution.

  • 443 b BF

    378 b BF

    Preparations and further assaults
    Diplomatic action

    The number of rebels didn't grow rapidly. It was well known what kind of punishment was to expect for withstanding the Empire, so most people were too scared to officially join the Freelands. On the other hand, the rebels were really distrustful, expecting the Human Empire to infiltrate the rebellion with spies and agents, so the number of rebels was kept small, maybe up to a few hundred or thousand. However, seeing a lot of other different rebellions happening all over the Human Empire, especially in the elven and dragonborn territory, the Freelands attempt to connect and coordinate with them. Instead of messengers, the rebels used pigeons to transfer messages with each other. The Freital Pigeons are still a very popular breed to deliver such messages. This coordination allowed all rebels to attack the Empire at totally different places at the same time, forcing it to split up its forces and defend multiple places at once. The Arched Island on the southern coast of Ephea was one of the main attacking points for the Freelands and after a few years, they even managed to conquer and hold smaller parts of it.

  • 381 b BF


    The flag of Freeland

    The rebellion gained much more impact than expected. After about 40 years of assaults on the Arched Island, they were finally able to conquer and hold it. Claiming such a big territory, the leading rebels decided to transform their organization into an official province. For the first time, the rebels agreed on an official flag on 24th Turis 381 b. BF.


  • 378 b BF


    The Fall of Matruzien
    Military action

    With the Human Empire struggling to reconquer the Arched Island, the Freelands have enough time and soldiers to afford another attack. For the first time, they dare to invade the mainland of the continent Ephea. The city Matruzien not far from the tip of the Arched Island, sheltered by the Protected Bay stands out as a perfect point for an attack. Although the rebels only plan to assault and damage the large city, they actually manage to overcome the cities walls and conquer it. The Empire simply didn't respect the power and quick advances of the rebels and was forced to retreat the garrison and most of the citizens from the city. This battle goes down in history as one of the most embarrassing and fastest defeats of the Human Empire.

  • 377 b BF

    321 b BF

    Siege of Matruzien
    Military action

    Not being keen to lose such a major city to the rebellion, the Empire attempts to reconquer it after gathering new forces, giving the Freelands enough time to reinforce the city walls, hire mercenaries and grow even mightier. Despite the loss of Matruzien, the Empire still doesn't see Freeland as too big of a threat, rather using most of their forces to hold territories in Durarin, Tiakis, and on the southern Islands of the Old World. With a direct attack on Matruzien, the Empire isn't able to achieve any victory and therefore starts to siege the city. But the rebels hold Matruzien and are able to keep up the supply routes. The Arched Island serves as a huge granary and the Protected Bay prevented the Empire's Navy to attack the city from the water. After 56 years of pointless siege, the Empire retreats the army from the city walls.

  • 321 b BF

    284 b BF

    The Empire strikes back
    Military action

    Retreating the forces from Matruzien, the Empire shifts their attention to the Freeland Islands, eventually finding out the operation base from the Freelands. Step by step the Empire infiltrates the Islands and chases the rebellions off them. Having no stronger garrisons and fortresses, the rebels are unable to withstand the force of the Empire and eventually have to retreat completely in 321 b. BF. However, still keeping control over the Arched Island and Matruzien, the Freelands manage to evacuate a major part of the people. At the same time, Matruzien was renamed Freital and officially declared as the capital of Freeland. The loss of the Freeland Islands seems like a minor flaw in the history of Freital. Its purpose was served, and the rebels didn't mind leaving it, since it had no use for agriculture or anything else. But soon it turns out as a major strategical position, its loss being bigger as expected.

  • 284 b BF

    259 b BF

    The iron pincer
    Military action

    To the surprise of Freital, the Empire starts constructing huge fortresses and defensive forts, establishing the Freeland Islands as an anchor point of the so-called 'Iron Pincer'. The empire put up the plan to pincer Freital, attacking it from the mainland, but also start assaults on the back of the Arched Island from the other side. Keeping control over the Freeland Islands it was much easier to control the naval movements of Freital, restricting the rebel's advance and territory to just a small point of Freital and the Arched Island. Instead of reconquering the Island, the Empire decides to assault and plunder it, leaving chaos and mayhem behind. The walls of Freital maintain strong and tall, insurmountable for the rather small forces of the Empire. However, with the constant assaults on the Arched Island, the rebels start losing their secured supplies, the threat of a total defeat seeming unevitable.

  • 259 b BF


    The King's Fall
    Life, Death

    Emperor Friedrich, ruler of the human kingdom makes a grave mistake. The Empire was able to pin the rebels in the city of Freital, surrounding the walls on the mainland and holding major positions on the Arched Island. King Friedrich insists to lead the final charge. The reasons are unclear. Either it was his hurt pride, sheer boredom, or just a presentation of his ruthless might. He moves to the Freeland Islands, gathering and preparing for the final attack. Freital hearing about the rumors of the King being on the Freeland Islands, hire a group of elite assassins, paying almost all of the province's fortune to assassinate the King. After living multiple decades and centuries on these Islands the rebels know important information about the territory, enabling the assassins, lead by a dark elf named Ussepi, to fulfill the mission. The murderers infiltrated the fortress and assassinated King Friedrich, giving the fortress the name Königssturz (engl. King's Fall). With that, the Human Empire fully retreated from the Freeland Islands and left it to Freital.

  • 259 b BF



    After the Empire's retreat from the former territory of Freital, the siege of the city is broken and Freital reclaims the Freeland Islands. Freital finally officially declared their constitution as a country independent from the Human Empire. The 22nd of Yaldin counts as 'Day of Founding' or 'Day of Independence' and is a national holiday for all Humans from Freital. However, the conflict between Freital and the Human Empire doesn't cease with the death of the emperor and Freital keeps assaulting and terrorizing nearby lands, villages, and shipments. However, due to multiple major defeats of the Empire, it rapidly loses territory and is forced to retreat armies, resulting in a strengthening of the inner security forces, disabling Freital from conquering any more territory from them. Freital itself is meant to be the only city on the mainland claimed by the rebels.

  • 9 b BF

    Marriage and Peace
    Diplomatic action

    Over time, Freital reduces the assaults on the Human Empire, especially because of lucrative negotiations with each other. The Empire is forced to pay Freital to reduce territorial losses. Eventually in 9 b. BF Emperor Brimstone negotiates a peace contract, arranging a marriage of his daughter with Prince Alexander, son of the King of Freital. Since that day Freital and the Empire remain peace, but don't consider each other as allies.


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