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Welcome, traveler! Grab a drink and stay for a while. Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Alendia, a world of adventures, thrilling dangers, great quests, powerful magic, and giant piles of loot. No matter, if you are a reckless warrior, a cunning rogue, a mighty wizard, a chosen of gods, or the simplest modest of peasants, Alendia has a place for you. But beware! Those who have once entered Alendia did not find a way back out, the borders of Alendia being undiscovered and unreachable. Now, I see despite my warning, you're still here. Verily, you are a brave one. Have my blessings on your journey, but beware of the dangers lingering in Alendia.

Disclaimer: As you wander through the wonders of Alendia, you might recognize a few things, which seem similar to other tales, stories, and settings. I have been inspired by games, novels, and movies and decided to include some elements in Alendia. Especially the basic settings are very similar to the settings of D&D, your favorite tabletop game. I do not want to claim all the ideas and facts written down in the articles, but rather build an enjoyable setting for any D&D Player.

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