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You have heard tales of treasure in the Sovereign Lands, a place of Whimsy, Wonder and Wanton adventure. An entire land closed off to the outside world by strong magical force and those who find themselves here tend to take hold of their own destinies. Those with the ability can choose to do horrid atrocities all the way to the most benevolent and selfless acts if they so choose for it is all within their grasp.   The Lands are filled with Incredible landscapes, endless riches, and unbelievable adventures. There are the Thundering Plains where there is an eternal thunderstorm that rages with lightning strikes dotting the landscape, Large Floating Islands from which rivers flow through the air rather than erode the earth, and places where gravity tends to work in haphazard ways or not at all. Many civilizations have risen and fell in the time of this land, no one truly knows just how many or how old as you adventure, leading those with a talent for Archeology and endless task of deciphering and cataloging those that came before. Finally, the Adventures one can have in this world are plenty with many sapient beings competing for dominance with endless motivations and goals and for those who seek adventure they can change what they will and back anyone they desire.   Those who are born in the lands tend to never wish to leave, though dangerous, the lands have a certain appeal to the basic fundamentals of existance. Glory abounds and there is always something to do and places to go and new experiences to be had, and the stories of how horribly mundane the outside world tends to frighten those who have lived their entire lives in such a world.   So, as you read through the world of the Sovereigns, find out for yourself the allure of the setting and why those who do exist in this place of Infinite Danger and Reward never wish to leave.