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Welcome to Aldervein. A continent rich in dark deeds and deception.

It’s been 3 years since the destruction of MarrowWeave and nearly 2 years since the assassination of King Adger Ivory III.


In the dark corners of alleyways and gnarled nooks, vampires, werewolves, and hags emerge, taking full advantage of the spreading fear. The Crescent Court have been forced to make drastic decisions in order to preserve the kingdom against these dark invaders, and the citizens of Aldervien are put under great strain as their livelihood are at stake. In this hectic political climate, the threat of incursions is just as likely to spread from the twisted walkways of the Fatal Corners as it is come from the sturdy stone halls of the capitol building. Aldervein is in desperate need of a fresh breed of heroes; a group of adventures that can keep up with ever-plotting villains, hold their own to guilds and factions of increasingly growing intelligence, and preserving their sanity with the right balance of morals and ethics.

Aldvervein is a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign of my own creation that borrows familiar elements from D&D, as well as incorporating elements of Ghost of Saltmarsh into the campaign.

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