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After years of mistreatment, the usually mild-mannered gnomes had had enough, and the Greater Gnome Conglomerate moved away from modern civilization and into the Hills of Hatun. Now, the hills have been conquered by Gnomes, and now Family "Clans" protect their "Lawns". The coin is rarely used, as trading usually is the primary source for payments. Years of resentment have festered between the lines of Hatun and the New World Order, and from towns that don't believe gnomes exist, to racist settlements, to indifferent cities, the attitude to gnomes has changed in the 2000 years since the Great Separation. And the attitude from Gnomes has changed too, as hatred fuels hatred across the world. The Pertessi Merchants rise up from the south with new technology, bringing a distinctly anti-gnome religion with them. Gangs clash in port cities like New Keshingraad, making many resources hard to find in rural towns. Established government agencies are privatizing, making safety a luxury for the rich, and election results always ending in blood. And something is happening in the farmlands, where animals are going rabid, destroying property, and dropping dead soon after. It's a gnome-eat-gnome world in Aldebar, inspired by the Asian 1920s, Greek Mythology, old Shakesperian works, and the incredible boredom of my brother's tonsil surgery.

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