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Western most continent. Humans dominate the southern forests and plains while continually pressing the other races farther and farther to the coasts.   Widely seen as xenophobic and overbearing, most races have a distaste of humans; none more so than the dwarves and mountain elves. They have established an truce in order to keep humans from encroaching beyond the Meligami Mountains.   The western dragonkin (flame, wind, & edjet only) are highly sociable and friendly compared to their eastern cousins. They have established treaties and trade with the various races. While not having a nation of their own, the neighboring human and minotaur forces have let the dragonkin rule themselves with relatively few incidents. Dragonkin consider themselves more civilized than western dragonborn. While they have maintained their dragon-like tails, dragonkin have developed their outward magical prowess.


  • Adela
    The western most (known) continent.

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