Vestria's Veil


  When Vestria, ruler goddess of Anhara and patron of the winds and weather, ascended during The Crossing Over at the end of the Age of Rule, fluttering back to the mortal realm was her veil. As it fell, revealing her rarely seen visage to the heavens, a blinding light overcame all viewers. Due to this flash, the landing of the veil was obscured, and the great height from which it fell made estimating its landing difficult.  


"The veils of Priestesses are to be worn covering the face during only the most significant ceremonies, in accordance with the tradition began following the loss of Lady Vestria's Veil" - The Book of Etiquette, "The Priesthood"
  The myth around Vestria's Veil began immediately following the events, especially given the mystery that had persisted around her appearance since the beginnings of the nation. While in Anhara, lightweight flowing robes are a common feature, in homage to the winds, Vestria's robes were said to be lighter-than-air, and her face entirely obscured behind a white veil. As the inherent powers of Anharans have much to do with both the wind and speech, Vestria combined both. As the Book of Etiquette notes many times, her voice was described as having "..a noise like thunder, flowing as the wind and striking like lightning," which has led some to believe that recovering the goddess' veil would lend to them similar abilities, if not simply enhance exiting ones.   While the object was verifiable real at one point in history, the location of it was never even guessed at with any certainty. As none had seen it land, the resting place of the veil could be anywhere north of the Vestrial Tower, as that was her direction of ascent. However, given the involvement of the winds, it may have been blown far afield, opening up the entire mortal plane as a possible resting ground.  


"In keeping with the orders of the High Priestess, the College has condemned the upcoming hunt for Vestria's Lost Veil as uncouth, the highest level of irreverence." - The Whistling Observer
  Numerous spots across Anhara have been suggested, with the most frequent ones being the Vestrial Tower or Meridia, given their religious significance. Other ideas have been based on attempts to calculate the direction and speeds of the wind, generally from contemporaneous or second-hand recordings of the event. These would-be scientists have suggested anywhere from Fingerwatch to Sandressi, with the currents of the Hewn Sea playing a potential role in its resting place.   While numerous self-serving adventurers have set out in search of it, the difficulty in ascertaining a specific direction has made official expeditions unlikely. As far as the High Priestess is concerned, however, the Veil was carried away by the winds, and any attempt to disrupt its resting place would be sacrilege of the most uncouth degree.
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