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  See The Evening Bos'n for a history of the organisation.  


  While its length and breadth of coverage has expanded over time, there are a number of staple features of The Evening Bos'n. Firstly, as newspapers are wont to do, the most urgent breaking news is displayed at the front. Often times this takes the form of large headlines for articles slipped to the paper in code by its war-correspondent sailors. Secondary to this attention-grabbing, yet informative, section is room for more in-depth reporting on matters involving sources, anonymity, or hard hitting investigation. Lastly are the sections most important to many readers, obituaries and honor rolls. These are often far ahead of the Litoric Fleet's own reports, and honor rolls occasional name those who have not been awarded a medal which The Evening Bos'n believes they should.   An Example Copy


  Owing to the unique issues posed in delivering news across a far-flung archipelago, The Evening Bos'n makes use of the unique talents of some Islanders. Owing to the direct creation of man by the gods, some citizens of nations are lucky enough to be born with powers inspired by their respective deities. In The Litoric Islands, one such ability is an almost supernatural skill at swimming. Young men from Sandressi swim with water-tight capsules of a copy of that evening's paper, distributing it to the next island out and handing over their spares to a native of whichever island they swam to, and so on. The copy is then placed prominently in the public square of the largest settlement on whichever island, and disseminated by word of mouth.
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