The Carillon family arc

Geoffrey Carillon comes from a longstanding landing family. A number of books and extras deal with the Carillons, with more to come. In chronological order, they involve:  
Bound For Perdition
(1917, Temple Carillon is a secondary character, Geoffrey makes a very brief appearance)

Ancient Trust
(1922, when Geoffrey inherits)

(Geoffrey is a secondary character)

Seeking A Wife (forthcoming extra)

Goblin Fruit
(1924, Geoffrey and Lizzie's romance)

Unexplored Territory (extra)
(1925, during their engagement)

On The Bias
(1925, secondary characters)

Best Foot Forward
(1935, Geoffrey is a main character, Lizzie is a secondary character. Discussion of Temple.)

Nocturnal Quarry
(1938, Lizzie and Geoffrey are secondary charcters.)

Connections between books