The Carillon family arc

Geoffrey Carillon comes from a longstanding landing family. A number of books and extras deal with the Carillons, with more to come.   In chronological order, they involve:
  1. forthcoming Bound For Perdition (1917, Temple Carillon is a secondary character.)
  2. fothcoming Ancient Trust (1922, when Geoffrey inherits)
  3. Outcrossing (secondary character)
  4. fothcoming extra, Seeking A Wife (1922-1923)
  5. Goblin Fruit (1924, Geoffrey and Lizzie's romance)
  6. extra Unexplored Territory (1925, during their engagement)
  7. On The Bias (1925, secondary characters)
  8. forthcoming Best Foot Forward (1935)
  9. forthcoming Nocturnal Quarry (1938)
  10. (some additional ideas in mind)

Connections between books