Lizzie Penhallow

Lizzie Penhallow (formally Elspeth Penhallow) is the older daughter of Hendek and Rosalind Penhallow. She attended Schola and was sorted into Salmon House, a sign of her interest in inventive solutions to problems, the kind that draw on a wide range of skills.   Her father and his brother Kenver were noted explorers, who disappeared while on an expedition to learn about South American plants. (Lizzie is in fact a member of the Explorer's Club in her own right thanks to her travels with them as a young adult.) Laura Penhallow, Lizzie's younger sister, had struggled with tuberculosis for years, until shortly before their mother died.   By the beginning of Goblin Fruit, Lizzie is desperate for steady work to keep a roof over their heads. She has found a short-term position with Vivian Porter with the possibility of long-term work if things go well.   Matters go extremely differently than she expected.  

Appears In

Goblin Fruit

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At the beginning of Goblin Fruit, Lizzie is organising materials for an estate sale and auction, Geoffrey Carillon comes by for an early view of the items. After he nearly falls over her while they are both lurking outside a masked ball, they find they have common cause - Geoffrey in investigating a dangerous magical drink, goldwasser, and Lizzie in making sure her sister Laura is all right.   Through the course of the book, they find much more than a temporary alliance, and they find themselves well matched in a number of ways, some more obvious than others.

Unexplored Territory

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Unexplored Territory (a mailing list extra) takes place during the events of On The Bias, and gives a glimps of Lizzie and Carrillon as they prepare for their wedding.

On The Bias

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On The Bias is the tale of Carillon's long-time valet, Thomas Benton, doing his best for Carillon in some unexpected ways. Both Lizzie and Carillon appear, especially at the end of the book.



Married name: Lizzie Carillon, Lady Carillon   Born: 1889   Family: Profession: Administrative assistant, then lady   Education: Schola, Salmon House   Organisations:
  • Explorer's Club