Cassie Jones

Cassie Jones is a seamstress, who by 1924 (the start of Goblin Fruit) has had her own shop for approaching a decade. On The Bias focuses on the changes that come into her life when she is drawn more into the plots of Lord Geoffrey Carillon and his fiancee Lizzie Penhallow. She's known for exacting attention to detail and an excellent design sense - not the most fashionable of all dressmakers, but one who will make sure you look your best if you let her.   She lives in a flat that connects to the second floor of her shop, and has a black cat named Chalice.   Cassie usually takes on three apprentices - a lot of work, but the fastest way to pay off her purchase of the shop and build her business. During On The Bias they are Amelia Gibbs, Melitta Robson (in France during that book), and Joselyn Miller.   Cassie attended Alethorpe before apprenticing as a seamstress.   

Appears In

Goblin Fruit

  Cassie appears briefly during Goblin Fruit while working on a frock for Lizzie Penhallow.  

On The Bias

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During On The Bias, Cassie comes into much more frequent contact with Thomas Benton, valet to Geoffrey Carillon, while working on items for Geoffrey's fiancee, Lizzie Penhallow. Things come to a head when a plot unfurls at a masked ball held at Carillon's estate in Cumbria.   By the end of the book, Benton is moving into a position as Carillon's steward, allowing Benton and Cassie time to explore a long-term relationship.



Married name: Socially Cassie Benton   Born: 1880   Family: Profession: Dressmaker   Education: Alethorpe