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1228; The turn of the Era

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The world of Alantia; a world of trade, friendship, brotherhood... a world of blood, rivalry, and enemies. The many races of Alantia have, throughout time, split themselves into many kingdoms, clans, houses, and tribes. Some work together as brothers and against each other as rivals as they each claim their own continents. The four most prominent kingdoms were the Taul Confederation, the Gikottor, the Laruven, and most recently the Grogori.   The Taul Confederation is a major trading hub of the world and is home to numerous races and rules over the northeast of Alantia on the continent of Tulum. Originally a small human settlement called Demore, the confederation united its neighbors and their respective families into one nation with their money and muscle. Now the many families rule together under one Cladent, or leader elected by the families, who rules for seven years. As is stands now, there are four major families that exert a powerful influence upon all the other, smaller, houses. The Confederation is based on ancient concepts of the Rule of Law and Honor. It’s military large and well funded, but underutilized and mostly inexperienced. However, certain cells, such as the confederation Rangers, are exceptionally powerful. It’s guarded but mostly peaceful due to its large trade network, however, they have had numerous border issues and large scaled conflicts with the Laurven to their west.   The Gikottor is a vast diarchy south. Having risen from a small group of nomadic dwarves and orcs in the beautiful “Bladegrass Planes” and the vast “Desert of the Lost.” Expanding from that territory they used to wander through, to the entire continent of Gorgul, stopping just short of the Fey Forrest and the volcanic continent of Grogora. They hold the Grogori and have stopped their expansion. They are solitary, self-reliant, and stubborn. Made largely of Dwarves and Half-Orcs, but home to numerous subspecies of them and other species and races, such as the beast men of the mountains. They have tough relations with the Laurven across the waters to the North, due to their close relationship with the Grogori and strained tensions with the Taul Confederation, who have long trade routes up to the Confederation. Master armorers and fighters, they craft exceptional gear out of plentiful metals found in their lands. Taking pride in quality craftsmanship and training, they utilize their limited resources with maximum efficiency, however, they rely on the Confederation trade to maintain their large size due to largely inadequate farmland. They typically ran on a bartering system internally, but with the Taul, they traded luxuries they did not care for food.   The Laurven Aristocracy is an oligarchal elven empire that remains in large part, all kinds of elves and they ruled the North of the world on their own thin, elongated continent of Laurva. They claim neutrality in the ongoing Grogori war of expansion with the Gikkotor and grow and maintain large stores of many powerful magical and medicinal resources. Holding high political and diplomatic power from their virtual monopoly on magical materials, even with the Grogori Empire south of them. They are typically bigoted and seem to only respect the most exemplary of the other races, due to high expectations and the pride they value very highly. Their laws themselves are traditional and based on older concepts of “purity” and “order” in their reign with the law is held in high regard with little care for anything other than their prosperity. However, they aren’t unsympathetic to outsiders. Seeing themselves as superior, they commonly help travelers though are quick to suspicion and conclusion. But they’re slow to act when diplomatic repercussions are at stake or they hold strong ties to rival governments, such as the Confederation.   The Grogori Empire… an Autocratic nation settled on the volcanic lands of Grogora in the last century. They are a young empire only on their 3rd king, but have already, by far, dominated more land than any of the other three major kingdoms. They rule the southwest of the map and are notorious for their disciplined war machine, utilizing powerful and rare metals harvested from the volcano and mountains in their land. Above all, for their innovated and terrifying military innovations, such as the Wyvern riders, Dragon guard, and heavily armored legions. Not much is known about this relatively new kingdom, that rapidly expanded through the conquering and indoctrination of numerous tribal lands. They are currently engaged in a large war for expansion with the Gikottor in their growing hunger for territory but are stalled at the Lechy River in a stalemate. Their war and close relationship with the Laurven are violently testing the long-held norms of the land and only time can know the result.