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Enchanting Curves & Co

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Five talented women have forged an extraordinary bond through their shared love for magic and fashion. Carlotta, hailing from the quaint town of Perelline, joins hands with Cho, a spirited and adventurous soul from Ojiro. Daphne, with her refined tastes from the elegant city of Malika, stands alongside Javi, whose sharp mind and creativity blossom from the mystical city of Charakur. Completing the group is Makena, a charming enchantress hailing from the enchanting Caleonidia.  
"Enter a realm of charm and delight,
At Enchanting Curves & Co, embrace the night.
Garments woven with magic, tailor-made for you,
Where dreams and style entwine, our visions come true."
  All of them are members of the Arcane Academy Graduation Class of 2865. The five friends have established "Enchanting Curves & Co," a magical clothing store that is a true treasure trove for the city's women.   The talented women source the finest fabrics from all corners of Bridgeport. With deft hands and intricate spells, they weave their magic into the very threads, creating stunning, one-of-a-kind dresses that accentuate the natural beauty and curves of their clientele. Every garment tells a story of artistry, style, and the whispers of the arcane.  

Enchanting Curves & Co Pricelist

Mystical Velvet Cloak with Enchanted Trims - 2000 gold coins
Enchanted Embroidered Robe - 2500 gold coins
Enigmatic Masquerade Costume - 3000 gold coins
Glamour Gown with Crystal Embellishments - 3500 gold coins
Enchanted Lace Dress - 4000 gold coins
Enchantress' Dream Velvet Dress - 4500 gold coins
Whimsical Silk Ballgown - 5000 gold coins
Starlight Sparkle Mermaid Dress - 6500 gold coins
Ethereal Faerie Dress - 7000 gold coins
Celestial Silk Kimono with Silver Threads - 9000 gold coins

  Free choice of color, wide range of possible cuts
Four brush-ups included, additional available for a fee
Custom dress - starts at 6000 gold coins
  "Enchanting Curves & Co" has quickly become the go-to destination for the women of Bridgeport, a place where dreams and enchantments collide and the magic of fashion takes on a whole new meaning. In their store, a world of bewitching designs and breathtaking dresses awaits, captivating the hearts of all who venture inside.   The store has partnered with Hare-Mail Delivery, a renowned rabbitfolk-owned delivery service, to ensure swift transportation of their exquisite fashion creations. Upon purchase, each dress is elegantly packaged with enchantments to protect its delicate beauty and sent on the backs of nimble rabbit couriers. With their keen senses and agile speed, the rabbitfolk navigate through the city's alleys and hidden paths, ensuring every dress reaches its destination in perfect condition and in the shortest possible time. This service is only available within Bridgeport's boundaries.  
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Secrets of the girls:
  Cho's Hidden Talent: Cho possesses a unique ability to infuse garments with emotions and memories. Her dresses evoke powerful feelings in those who wear them, and only her closest friends know the origin of this talent.   Daphne's Lost Love: Daphne secretly harbours feelings for a fellow student from the Arcane Academy, but a tragic event in the past keeps her from confessing her love. Her friends have been trying to encourage her to open up about her feelings.   Makena's Ancient Bloodline: Makena is secretly descended from a long-lost noble family with strong connections to ancient artefacts and magical secrets. Her lineage may hold the key to unlocking a powerful artefact's hidden powers. Her tribe back in Caleonidia may call her home.   Carlotta, The Fashion Oracle: Behind a beautifully embroidered curtain, there is a small alcove that houses a crystal ball. One of the girls, Carlotta, has developed a talent for scrying and uses the crystal ball to offer fashion advice to customers by glimpsing into their future events.   The Magical Mannequins: The store's display mannequins are enchanted to move subtly, showcasing different dresses and creating an ethereal atmosphere in the store. Only the girls know the secret of these magical mannequins.  
Secrets of the ancient house:
  The Portal Room: Deep within the ancient house, there is a hidden room that houses a magical portal. The portal can transport the girls to the Dream City of Oon, where they find inspiration for their unique and enchanting designs.   Sinister Threads: The Enchantment Within   Unbeknownst to the owners of "Enchanting Curves & Co," the old house they moved into harbours a dark secret of its own. Within its walls lies a malevolent spirit, a restless entity of ancient origin. This spirit feeds off the creative energy of the designers, drawing power from their emotions and inspirations. As the designers work on their fashion creations, the spirit twists their visions, infusing the dresses with a subtle but sinister allure.   Unaware of the malevolent presence, the designers become unwitting conduits for its dark influence. The dresses that emerge from their hands hold an enchantment that goes beyond the ordinary, but it comes at a cost. Those who wear the dresses may find themselves consumed by an insatiable desire for attention and admiration, willing to go to any lengths to be noticed and praised.   As time passes, the designers begin to notice changes in their own behaviour, feeling a growing compulsion to create ever more captivating and attention-grabbing designs. Yet they are blind to the true source of this drive, believing it to be the natural progression of their passion for fashion.   The malevolent spirit delights in the chaos it sows, manipulating the designers and those who wear their dresses like puppets in a grand performance of dark enchantment. As the secret remains hidden, the enchanting allure of "Enchanting Curves & Co" grows stronger, and the spirit's influence spreads, ensnaring the unsuspecting customers within its web of deceit and desire.  

Plot Hooks

The Missing Heirloom: A rare and precious family heirloom, a magical necklace, goes missing from the store during a special event. The group is hired to investigate and retrieve the valuable item before it causes damage to the store's reputation and business relationships.   The Runaway Dress: A dress created by the store's owners becomes enchanted, gaining a life of its own. The group is enlisted to track down and return the runaway dress before it causes chaos in the city.   The Curse of the Catwalk: During a high-profile fashion show hosted by "Enchanting Curves & Co," a series of accidents and mishaps befall the models. The group is called upon to ensure the safety of the models and investigate if there is foul play involved.   The Mysterious Fabric Merchant: A mysterious figure claiming to be a fashion consultant offers the store owners a deal they can't refuse: exclusive access to rare fabrics and designs in exchange for an undisclosed favour. The group is hired to investigate the consultant's true intentions and ensure the store owners don't fall into a dangerous trap.   The Time-Travelling Dress: A customer tries on a unique dress that transports her through time. The group is called upon to follow the customer's trail through different eras and ensure her safe return, all while uncovering the mysterious magical side effect of the dress.   Shrinking Elegance: Some of the enchanting dresses from "Enchanting Curves & Co," known for their perfect fit and elegance, begin to mysteriously shrink upon being worn by their owners. Panic ensues among high society as women find themselves exposed in public due to the shrinking gowns. The prestigious clientele demands answers, and the once-beloved boutique faces the threat of being shut down.

Shop, Tailor
Parent Location
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Goods Headwear, Shoes, Gowns, Dresses, Accessoires
Access to:
Training: Tailoring, Enchantments

Cover image: Spellbinding Curves by Tillerz using MidJourney


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"Every garment tells a story of artistry, style, and the whispers of the arcane" AND of the deepth of its new owners purse ^^
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