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Quill of Dark Feelings

Work in progress!
ORC License
Slightly NSFW!
In moments when hate or despair torture their brains, some are capable of putting their feelings on paper in such a way that their words make other people cry. Now imagine if the actual feelings crawled onto the paper, torturing or even killing the person reading them. That happens when an author uses the Quill of Dark Feelings.


Ochiro, Han - Hanshahan   Hanshahan, a poet from Ojiro, happened to notice and fell in love with a girl he saw going along the street. Unfortunately, because he was a poor poet and she was the daughter of an upper-class family, it was unthinkable for them to even consider getting married. The poet loathed the day, the sun, and the wind, and one day an old crone came up to him and offered him the opportunity to become a better poet as well as be able to forget his forbidden love. All he needed to do was write with the quill she handed him. He took the quill, but laughed at her and chased her away.   When he found himself engulfed by sadness once more, he took up the quill and began writing down whatever came to mind. He scribbled all night and into the next morning, and his emotions splattered across the page like ink, as did his memories. As soon as the last word had been written, his life had passed him by.
Scroll by Dean Spencer
  Using the Quill of Dark Feelings will devour more or less of a person's life reserves and memories, depending on how much anguish and despair he or she is experiencing. On a moderate level, it can take months or even years to completely deplete a person's energy reserves until the individual either dies or is left behind with no memories or feelings.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Header image made by Tillerz with Affinity Photo and FlamePainter, using licensed icons by REXARD, see acknowledgements.


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11 Dec, 2021 15:26

Reminds me of the Voldemort diary thing from Harry Potter, but legitimately creepy. Awesome.

Master Alixzere
John Johnson
16 Dec, 2021 19:44

Wait, does that quill feed from memories ? Or does it just transfer them to a written form, removing old ones in the process ? Both are possible, and I like that they're both scary in their own ways

16 Dec, 2021 20:26

The quill uses your life energy to make the feelings it pulls out to appear real to the reader.

17 Dec, 2021 15:58

Wow, dark. Very interesting item though and I can see how this item can become legendary or myth, something that one might want to find. But... if you stop feeling the emotion, would you stop writing? Or does you feed the life energy to the emotions so that you continue to scribe?

Worldkeymaster, also known as A of Worldkeymaster.
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18 Dec, 2021 20:40

Damn that’s chilling.   Also P.H. Croveloft? Nice!

Proud author mother of this baby right here.
Sage KatSanders
Kat Sanders
8 Jan, 2022 12:07

That's really spooky. Would it only work on dark feelings, or could it pull out any type of intense feelings? If it only works on dark feelings, is there a companion quill that works for other emotions? People write love poetry too.

8 Jan, 2022 20:07

Good question. Maybe I should refine it a bit, now that WorldEmber is over. :)

Eternal Sage MoonRaven
Jeroen Heijster
9 Jan, 2022 20:13

Wow, that is an amazing item. Scary though.

-MoonRaven creator of Paldurog.
18 Jan, 2022 04:36

Ohh nice twist (I just read the myth) not just the reader gets horrible feelings, but the quill actually kills the writer too.

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
23 Jan, 2022 14:05

This one really hits home for me as a writer. I sometimes think I'm going to die after I've poured myself onto a page, so this feels very real and plausible to me.

23 Jan, 2022 14:46

Yeh that works too. Maybe it's just the writer who exhausts themselves way too much, and the quill... is just a quill. ;-)

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