Grandolph Grieck

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Grandolf Grieg is a large orc who lives in the bustling city of Bridgeport. He is the head of Warehouse III, an organization tasked with collecting and archiving mysterious and dangerous artifacts to keep them away from wrongdoers. He takes his job seriously and will not hesitate to use force if necessary to protect the artifacts in his care. The dwarf Plektrum Rockbreaker is his permanent business partner, they are usually seen in tandem.   Grandolf loves good food and often spends his free time traveling throughout the city sampling all kinds of delicacies. He has become quite well-known for this hobby, making friends wherever he goes. His travels also give him the opportunity to observe different cultures, giving him insight into how other people live their lives differently than he does.   He is an avid fan of bow ties and cravats, and if given the opportunity to aquire another fancy one, he is ready to invest a small fortune for it.  
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Grandolf has created several clones of himself in order to protect the warehouse properly, as the number of people trying to get in has dramatically increased.   Unfortunately, one of his clones has been using the stored artefacts for his own personal gain, including casting powerful spells and enchantments to increase his strength while deluding himself that they're for protecting the warehouse. A wizard has made him do his bidding; he wants to get some of the powerful artefacts stored in Warehouse III so that he can use them for his evil intentions. Some of the clones are aware that some powerful dark forces try to get into the warehouse and are trying to figure out who and how.

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Cover image: Grandolph Grieck by Dean Spencer
Character Portrait image: Grandolph Grieck by Dean Spencer


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