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Looking for some art

  I want some art to illustrate my personal, non-commercial project (this world here on World Anvil: Alana Homepage). If you draw something for me, I need the license to use it on here publicly. I will add credits to my page "Acknowledgements" and to each image with name and link to a page you give me. If you have some art up somewhere, I want to see it. :)   Background: Fantasy world with steampunk elements, silly gnomes, dragons and many competing factions.   Click the links to see an article about the character, usually includes an "artbreeder" placeholder image displaying my general idea about this person. Articles may be empty stubs yet.  

Character Portraits


Region: City Charakur in Calika (theme: mix of medieval india and arabia / 1001 nights)

  • King Harun, ruler of the country, human, 50ish, black beart, wearing a turban, strong (chaotic good) - portrait or half body
  • Queen Fathia, wife of King Harun, human, 50ish, friends, black hair, wearing indian gold jewelry (lawful good) - portrait or half body
  • Anuka, sister of King Harun, human, 50ish, trying to revive an evil serpent goddess to overthrow the kingdom, snake-inspired jewelry, black hair (lawful evil) - portrait or half body
  • Princess Isibella, daughter of harun and Fathia, human, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, wearing sheer veils and lots of jewelry (lawful good) - portrait or half body, maybe a dancing full body painting - may be slightly nsfw

    Region: City Bridgeport in Farenia (theme: merchant italy/venice)

  • two members of a Society of Collectors, any species/gender, noble lord/lady, maybe wearing a monocle, fancy suit/british attire, styled beard, maybe bald.
  •   I'll add more to this list soon.  


      Here is a pinterest board with styles I like. There are probably more, but this should give a hint for the direction: Pinterest Board: Style References. If you have your own style, show me. :)   Art I already commissioned see below. Examples by Martina G, _zed_ and Jaime Buckley:


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