About the World of Alana

Note: this article is a work in progress.


Alana is a high-fantasy world with a mix of all the things from these worlds: magic and unique species (Forgotten Realms), a civilization recovering from a devastating war (Ebberon), steam and magic powered technology (Ravnica, Spelljammer), ancient relics from long fallen civilazations (Numenera).   The world is full of different species, which coexist (mostly) in peace, it is the different factions that wage war: families, guilds, tribes, clans or nations battle for power openly or in secretive ways.  

A bit more into details



  Depending on the region every technological level is available, from medieval equipment to steam and/or magic-powered engines. Even high-tech from fallen civilizations and unknown places make a rare appearance, not so rare if you actually hunt them down.  


People travel by using their feet, horses or waggons, for longer distances they can use ships, and for a few routes there exist elemental/steam/magic-powered trains and airships or even teleporter gates. Using these gates is out of the question for a commoner... some of these gates have restricted use, for others the usage fee is just too high.


Some cultures completely refuse the use of magic and even hunt down its users, while others are completely dominated by it: magic-powered street lights and other little helpers making life so much easier.   Magic can have many origins: focussing the own inner strength or power granted by gods, spirits or other beings, or magic that is usable by the ungifted, like rune magic or through ancient relicts.

History of the western world

  This is the timeline of the western continent called Boresia, as recorded by historians of the Farenian Empire: Timeline of Boresia. As it is with most historical records, these may be inaccurate or wrong.    


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