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Hills Southwest of the Edge (-1, -1)

Just southwest of Akratia's Edge lays the remnants of an ancient battle and a mysterious tower exuding dark energies. During the Full Sparkmoon, the hills are filled with the sounds of conflict, and undead pour forth into the surrounding areas. However, even outside these terrifying nights, the hills are eerily quiet and devoid of natural life.  


Necromantic Tower

While the hills themselves seem hospitable enough, the true danger lies in the environs of a tower which crests the highest hill of the region. The tower is surrounded by a scene of conflict: skeletons with bones bleached white locked in a death struggle with skeletons of bones turned blue. The battle looks to have occurred hundreds (or thousands) of years ago, but the figures remain as if the battle had just ended.

The tower emits an odd penumbra of shadow and darkness, even in noonday sun, and the powers of the Lantern's little light are greatly inhibited whenever it is within the penumbra's extent.


Blue Bone Bowl - Discovered 30th Highsun, 1519

Among the rolling hills, there is a crater, nearly half a league wide. The sides of its walls are sloped in such a way that while one could slide down easily enough, it would take some effort to climb back out. The origins of the crater are unknown, but its contents are clearly visible. Covering the entirety of the crater's floor, piled as high as a man's head, are bones turned deep blue by some unknown magic. Querying Selanar Daenala back in the Edge as to the blue bones, she revealed the most likely cause being Death Magic, though of a peculiar non-chaotic kind.

Blue Bone Bowl Beast

When Haljo the Lantern, Kenzie the Witch, and Brick the Fighter ventured down into the crater to investigate further, they were attacked by a monstrous creature. While it had seven legs, each ending in a paw with three talons, the strangest thing about the beast was its deep blue fur, covering nearly the entirety of its body.

The beast made its home in the bones coating the floor of the BBB, and while the three *Sparks* saw (and killed) only the one, there were rustlings throughout the Bone Bowl that hinted at further monstrosities lurking below the surface.

Frost Salamander by Unknown (Wayne Reynolds?)

Hex History

30th of Highsun, 1519

Brick the Fighter, Kenzie the Witch, and Haljo the Lantern explored the hills, discovering (and naming) the Blue Bone Bowl and scouting the environs of the Necromantic Tower. In exploring the BBB, they killed the blue-furred beast and took its head back to Akratia's Edge.

1st of Goldleaf, 1519

Along with some townsfolk, Brick, Kenzie, and Haljo returned to drag the entire beast's body back to the Edge.

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Hills by Cecil Howe
Rolling Hills

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